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GIVEAWAY: Fibi & Clo new flats and shoe clip!

June 22, 2012

Remember I wrote about these beautiful sandals from Fibi & Clo? Well, I’m excited to announce that they’re launching even more pretty, sparkly things! They’re coming out with their first closed-toe flats and giving them away here in an exclusive giveaway! So you feel extra special, just know that these aren’t even available yet and you’d be the first one to own a pair :):

The latest from Fibi & Clo

The flats are sueded fabric with a rubber sole. How beauts?? Fibi & Clo will launch their full closed-toe flats line in early fall. Until then, to win a pair and the pictured heirloom shoe clip–which can be used to jazz up your other shoes as well–simply do one of the following (any gets you qualified, but doing more will increase your changes of winning):

1) Follow @BeautyNDFeast and tweet: Win a pair of Fibi & Clo’s newest flats and shoe clip!

2) Leave a comment on Beauty and the Feast’s FB page under the link to the giveaway

3) Leave a comment below (mention if you tweeted or FB’d — helps me keep track!!)

Winner will be announced next week..good luck!


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13 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Fibi & Clo new flats and shoe clip!

  1. Natasha Jogia

    TOO CUTE! I must have these adorable shoes so I can walk in style and post on BAFT’s FB page!!!!

  2. Moncia Schafer

    Let everyone know that I want these shoes on facebook. Bookmarked you site for easy access.

  3. Sofia Rahman

    I saw your first post on facebook with a picture of one of the flats and I bought the same one and just got it in the mail. I am in love! Super cute and super comfy.

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