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Matt & Meera in Hoboken, NJ

June 27, 2012

By Munia Islam

I had my eyes on this place for a while. Every time I would see the paper covering over the windows, I wondered how many more days until it opened up. And then one day while walking by, we saw that the paper covering was gone, and the place was open—the place was Matt & Meera.

My South Asian heritage clearly had its biases, as I looked at the name and thought Meera…I wonder what kind of food they will serve?! As its name suggests, it’s a indo-fusion restaurant. Just opened in Hoboken, New Jersey on June 23rd, and is a comfortable home feeling with a contemporary twist.

pomegranate ginger ale

The tapas style plating allows us to try most of the menu. Since they are a new establishment, it was evident that they were trying to get situated. The wait time was a little much, which with time should get better. While waiting, we ordered a pomegranate ginger ale and an espresso milk shake. Both were amazing, but the espresso milk shake was surprisingly delicious, since it was made in-house.

Masala Chips

For starters we ordered masala chips, samosa trio, and vermicelli crusted crispy prawns. The masala chips were the perfect blend of masala, and not too overpowering, which happens in most cases when it comes to flavored chips.

Samosa trio

The samosa trio was three samosas that were made of potatoes, vegetables, and lamb, respectively. Since I love a meat samosa, the flavors were very balanced in the meat and potato samosas, while the vegetable samosa was a little too vegetable heavy for my taste, but still yummy.

Crispy prawns

The vermicelli crusted crispy prawns are definitely a staple of the place. Usually when we think vermicelli, it’s served as a desert, so the innovative coating idea for the shrimp was a tasty idea.

butter chicken & red chili naan pizza

Next we were served the butter chicken & red chili naan pizza, chicken wings, and lamb burgers. The butter chicken & red chili naan pizza was very delectable and although a bit too naan heavy, since we have the predisposed notion of how a pizza should taste, this is a bit different, but equally delicious.

Lamb burgers

Chicken wings

The chicken wings were the best chili wings cooked in tandoor that I’ve ever had. The meat just falls off the bones, and the flavor is not only superficial, but is in every bite! And the cute little lamb burger sliders were very well cooked and had so much flavor. It did not come with a sauce, so we used one of the other sauces that were provided with the other dishes, which added to the flavor. One great thing about Matt & Meera is that they have a great selection of sauces to pair with the food, each one innovative and fusion of different flavors from hot red chili to mild mustard aioli.

Matt's calamari

We were almost done with the meal, when we kept eyeing Matt’s Calamari served with mustard tomato chutney. It was a little heavy on the panko coating, but overall topped off the meal. We were so full, we didn’t get a chance to taste the dessert shooters, but that’s next on the list, in addition to the “Naan” Chos!


Meal: Dinner
Price: $
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: ***
Food: **1/2
Service: **
Would I go back?: Yes — this is my new go-to place when I am in the area. I would love to try the rest of the menu!

Restaurant Info:
Matt & Meera

618 Washington Street,
btw 6th and 7th Street
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030
(201) 683-9431

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