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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Hair

Herbal Essences new Honey, I’m Strong collection

July 27, 2012

Herbal Essences new line promises stronger strands

Herbal Essences just launched their newest collection, Honey, I’m Strong, and what better what to get acquainted with their nourishing formula than to get a blowout using the collection with a celeb stylist? In this case, Charles Baker Strahan, who works with celebs like Leighton Meester, Brooklyn Decker, and Mariah Carey, took the reigns and tended to my locks. I felt specialll.

Herbal Essences Honey, I'm Strong shampoo and conditioner

Getting my hair done by Charles Baker Strahan!

When we met yesterday, he told me about the benefits of the new strengthening formula — it coats each strand and repairs damaged areas of the hair (perfect if you’re a heat styling addict). And of course, fills the room with a gorgeous scents of honey and apricot.

With Charles after getting my hair done!

As promised, my hair felt smooth, silky, and SHINY — not bad for shampoo and conditioner that costs $3 each. Herbal Essences Honey, I’m Strong line is available now at food, drug and mass market retailers nationwide.

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Lips - Product Review

Shiseido Rouge Lacquer lip colors

July 24, 2012

If my blog were a person, I’d be giving her a good, long hug right now and tell her I’m sorry for neglecting her and, baby, it won’t happen again. Of course, she’d believe me and take me back (and I do promise to treat her better!). And now that all is OK, I have to tell you about these sumptuous Fall 2012 lip colors from Shiseido. In the wise words of Rihanna, Where have you been all my life?

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge lip color

Shiseido’s Lacquer Rouge lip colors are everything. It comes in a lip gloss type holder, but don’t get it confused — it’s not goopy like regular glosses and doesn’t age you like some lipsticks. It’s somewhere in between, with a brilliant, intense color. I tried them on myself and love the color payoff — check em out:

Lip color testing

Which ones are your favorite? I think RS 404 (Disco) has my heart right now. They cost $25 each, and are available online at

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Nails - Spas and Salons

Eco-Manicure and pedicure at Om Aroma & Co.

July 19, 2012

Admittedly, I’m not one to go too frequently to get my nails done. For one, I find staying at home and doing my own a bit therapeutic. Two, I’m so impatient, I can’t sit in one place for my nails to dry, so at least at home I can walk around and finish all my little tasks. But more important, I’m a stickler for sanitary and clean salons where are not always easy to find in the city. If you live uptown, I always recommend Polished Beauty Bar to my friends, but for downtown, I found a new urban oasis: Om Aroma & Co. in the West Village.

Inside Om Aroma & Co.

Inside Om Aroma & Co.

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Beauty - "The Lovely" - FOOD - "The Delicious"

Drinks and Paint with Course Horse and Art Studio NYC

July 17, 2012

By Nicci Jordan Hubert


Model and actor Sasha Azevedo once said, “When you’re a beautiful person on the inside, nothing in the world can change that about you. Jealousy is the result of one’s lack of self-confidence, self-worth, and self-acceptance. The Lesson: If you can’t accept yourself, then certainly no one else will.” She’s right, of course, and acceptance of oneself is an easy concept, but obviously, a difficult practice. And we all know it’s challenging in terms of our physical appearances, to put it mildly. But who knew it’d be particularly tough at a painting class?

My sister Brooke and I (and a small group of lovely ladies) were delighted to join the beautiful Rebecca Schweiger at the Art Studio NY‘s 1-Nite Wine and Painting Party–hosted by Course Horse–in a small, paint-splattered art studio on the upper west side.



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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Beauty on the Streets

Beauty on the Streets: Fashion and beauty expert, Jamie Krell

July 13, 2012

Jamie Krell

Name: Jamie Krell

Age: 31

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Fashion - Inspiration of the Day - RANDOM

Pretty friendship

July 12, 2012

Do ANY of you remember those friendship necklaces? There were two necklaces, and one pendant was half a heart that said “BEST” and the other necklace’s said “FRIENDS” and you would wear one while your bestie wore the other? (No? No one? Was I the only one who got super excited over these things?). The problem was I never knew which friend to give my other half to #teenagerproblems. Anyway. All that to say when I came home last night, I found this beautiful Ettika bracelet on my bed left for me by my friendsin Safia (that’s cousin/friend mushed together, natch…thought it sounded better than “co-friend”), and it reminded me of those times.

Ettika bracelet

I kinda love this. A much more grown-up version of cuteness.

PS This pic was taken by the new Droid Incredible HTC 4G LTE that I’m testing out — what you think??


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