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Pretty friendship

July 12, 2012

Do ANY of you remember those friendship necklaces? There were two necklaces, and one pendant was half a heart that said “BEST” and the other necklace’s said “FRIENDS” and you would wear one while your bestie wore the other? (No? No one? Was I the only one who got super excited over these things?). The problem was I never knew which friend to give my other half to #teenagerproblems. Anyway. All that to say when I came home last night, I found this beautiful Ettika bracelet on my bed left for me by my friendsin Safia (that’s cousin/friend mushed together, natch…thought it sounded better than “co-friend”), and it reminded me of those times.

Ettika bracelet

I kinda love this. A much more grown-up version of cuteness.

PS This pic was taken by the new Droid Incredible HTC 4G LTE that I’m testing out — what you think??


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