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Giveaway: New Skintimate Limited Edition Skin Therapy and Schick Razor

August 29, 2012

Hey all! Anyone else getting ready to vacation? This giveaway will get you in the mood: Skintimate Limited Edition Skin Therapy that has Olive Butter, Soy, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera for extra silky legs, and Schick’s newest 5-blade razor with a built in moisturizing serum, the Schick Hydro Silk.

Schick Hydro Silk razor

Skintimate Limited Edition Skin Therapy

TWO winners will get one of each by doing at least one of the following:
1) Follow @BeautyNDFeast and tweet: Win @Skintimate new Lotionized Shave Creme + razor @BeautyNDFeast
2) Leave a comment on Beauty and the Feast’s FB page under the link to the giveaway
3) Leave a comment below (mention if you tweeted or FB’d — helps me keep track!!)

Winner will be announced next week..good luck!


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You guys. Andy Warhol for Nars!

August 27, 2012

Nars is finally unveiling their largest collaboration to date: the Andy Warhol collection! Check out just a sample of the fine bold prints and colors in the collection:

Andy Warhol self-portrait eye shadow palette, $55

Nail polishes: Back Room, New York Dolls, Superstar, 15 Minutes, TV Party, $18 each

Debbie Harry eye and cheek palette

Debbie Harry eye and cheek palette, $65

Flowers palettes, $55 each

Kiss gift set with Larger Than Life glosses $55

The “Pop” collection will be available exclusively at Sephora beginning October 1 and the “Silver Factory” collection can be purchased at department and specialty stores as well as Amazing gifts just in time for the holidays!


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Bigger, Bolder, Better – IFBCON 2012

August 24, 2012

Calling all fashion bloggers and fans! Fashion’s biggest and boldest conference is coming back for its 7th season. This time, Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) is going all-out, debuting a new, two-day event that will highlight the boldest of topics to educate you, the blogger and reader, on tools and tips to make you a better blogging professional.


Within #IFBCON’s two-day schedule, there will be one special keynote featuring Founder & CEO of IMAN Cosmetics, Iman Abdulmajid, six panels, breakout sessions where attendees will receive hands-on training in writing, blogging, marketing PLUS two Q+A sessions with industry leaders.

Panels include:
1. Future of Fashion
2. Business of Blogging
3. How to Make Friends and Win Readers
4. The New Entrepreneur
5. Journalism vs. Blogging
6. Bringing Bravery Back to Blogging

Breakout sessions are:
Easiest Ways to Create Video with Qwiki
Becoming a Better Writer
Ownership in the Digital Age with Stipple
Optimizing your Blog with SEO
Video Blogging 101
How to Get a Job in Social Media
An Afternoon with DIY Expert Jenni Radosevich
Creating Your Media Kit

For blog readers, IFB is extending an exclusive 20% offer. Simply visit the Eventbrite page, enter the promotional code IFBCON20 in the field right above “Order Now” option and receive the special blogger-rate!

Discount code is: IFBCON20

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet your favorite brands, fashion editors, and inspiring bloggers! For more information about the conference, visit IFB and join the #IFBCON buzz on Twitter.


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Caudalie Friends and Family offer – 20% off

August 23, 2012

And in case you need advice on what to get, check out these posts:
Travel Essential: Caudalie Beauty Elixir
Love: Fruit-Infused Skin Savers


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Mac & Cheese at the Grange Farm (or Why New York is like Chris Brown)

August 21, 2012

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Brooklyn Grange Farm

Sometimes, it’s just a straight “I Hate NY” kinda day. It’s been like that for me lately. Every time I try to get a cab late at night to take me to Brooklyn, I shake my fist at the sky and smite this God-forsaken city. And when it’s raining, and I slip and fall down the subway stairs, I eventually cry tears of fury as I squeeze my way onto an overcrowded train, standing at everyone else’s armpit level (I suppose I should blame my short height on nature, but NO. It’s New York’s fault, too). Just about every New Yorker will agree: this city can be alarmingly abusive. Why do we stay then?, ask our out-of-state friends, who are in healthy relationships with their cities.

Well, we stay in this abusive relationship because sometimes living in New York can be so damn romantic. It can be utterly shimmering, and, every once in a while, it wraps you in its arms and makes you feel like you’re the most important, happiest person in the world. There is no city like this city, and you know it. And it’s so handsome. And you can’t believe it chose you. And… and…

So when those euphoric NY moments happen, it’s wise to embrace them fully. Such was the case for me at the Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm.

View at Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm

Food spread

Food from the Back to Nature event

Back to Nature—which as you probably already know is an organic ‘convenience’ food brand—was hosting a party (actually, they called it a “play date” because little kiddos were invited too) at the Farm to launch their new organic Mac n Cheese.

Back to Nature Macaroni and Cheese

Kiddie play dates

And I’ll say it first: the Mac and Cheese was delicious. Gotta say, it was better than Annie’s.

Mac and Cheese with greens

And paired with fresh tomatoes, a salad of lettuce picked just seconds before, and chicken breast, I was in heaven. And the views. My goodness the views were spectacular. It was that perfect balance between the industrial–looking out over all the brick and mortar… on a rooftop in Long Island City for heavens sake–but also the natural. We were straight up on a farm.

I’ll be honest with you: although the Mac n Cheese was great, and I DO definitely recommend picking it up for your next M&C craving, it wasn’t the only highlight of the event. The mac n cheese was like a harmony to a really great song, if you will. Sing to the tune to Chris Brown’s FOREVER. (And make fun of me, if you must. Let’s agree that you must.)

It’s me. And some kids.
Looking at the city scape. It is magnificent. Yeah.

We sit. And eat.
Fresh produce and macaroni and cheeeeeese.

Watch the basil sway and breathe the fresh air around you. Around youuuuuuu.

I’m so glad I’m here. I’m so glad I’m here.
New York. You’re not so bad. Take my hand. Cuz.

It’s like I’ve waited this whole week. For a good day.
Just one damn good New York day.

Cuz I needed this so bad. The yummy food. The gravel below.
We’ll stay here forever. ever ever. Forever. ever ever. Forever. ever ever.
It’s gonna be a good day at the Grange Farm.

You’re welcome, America. Hubert out.

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HTC DROID INCREDIBLE 4G LTE fashion challenge

August 15, 2012

When you name a phone “Incredible,” you’re already setting the bar kinda high. But after obsessing with testing HTC’s latest, the Droid Incredible 4G LTE, I’m 100% totally in agreement that this phone is, in fact, incredible. For starters, the touch-screen keypad is easy to use, it comes with 4G LTE network makes everything go at lightning speed, I get all the apps I love (SCRAMBLE!), it comes with an 8 megapixel camera (autofocus! LED flash!), the 4.3″ display is impressive but the camera itself is pretty light, and the bold, beveled lines on the soft backside gives it a good grip…but that’s just for starters. OK. Now you’re clearly wondering…WHY is this on your blog? Well, HTC gave me a fashion challenge to use the phone as an inspiration for an outfit. Drawing upon the black with red accents of the phone’s design, here’s what I came up with:


By the way, if you couldn’t tell, we basically shot this during a thunderstorm that did away with my umbrella, which turned out to be kind of fun, but equally challenging…we tried! I’ll give a close up of all but showing the phones black/red design by the following:

– A black Zara top to show its sleek side
– A red Nine 3 Two skirt and random red Mary Kay clutch to emphasize the red accent in the phone
– A black Express leather jacket which was inspired by the soft, matte backside of the phone
– Strappy black stilettos from Forever 21 (only meant to stand in — not to walk), inspired by the beveled ridges of the phone
– Matte black nails Knock Out Flatte Black nails inspired by the matte black side of the phone
Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Vesuvio inspired by the red accents red bangle inspired by the red circular lining of the camera lens on the phone
J. Crew black necklace thrown on for some flare 😉

Beveled ridges

Forever 21 shoes

Matte black phone, matte black KO nails

Nars Vesuvio lips

AskAboutK bangle and camera lens (do you see it?)

A moment without rain!

It was a fun, creative experiment. What do you guys think? What outfit would you have come up with?

All photos by Shazia Memon. Also, that’s her jacket in the pics (thanks roomie!) 😉

The Droid Incredible is available at

*The phone was provided to test for a month trial, courtesy of HTC


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