Sultra Beauty bright color hair extensions

I had a plan (never executed) to dye my hair a dark black onyx (that had a tinge of midnight blue). Once I grew out of my subliminal goth urges, I never quite re-visited this blue hair fantasy…well, until today.

Blue on top of ombre 😉

I just found out about Sultra Beauty’s 100% 14″ Indian Remy clip-on hair extensions ($9, available at Let me highlight clip-on for the non-committal. Of course, I went straight for the Lapis Blue. For a bright shock of color, the extensions blend in beautifully, with just a slight peek of your chosen hue in between your own natural strands. Fair warning: it will also somehow make you wanna go to Ultra this weekend. Want something that blends even more? Check out their color hair mascara ($24) (comes in pink, red, blue, and violet).

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