Daliia Kohl eyeliner tutorial on Lulus.com

I’m always overly concerned with eye products that you apply in the waterline — you always want to make sure they contain safe ingredients. Naturally, I was over the moon to find Daliia’s herbal eye kohl eyeliner. It’s so pigmented, 100% natural (no parabens, no petro chemicals…you can actually read the ingredients list: almond oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, candelilla wax, carnauba wax, camphor oil, glycerine, castor seed oil, capric tri glyceride, black mustard). You have to be mindful of smearing, but the color payoff gives the most intense finish. I wrote a tutorial on how you can use her kohls as liner and shadows for beautifully bold eyes.

Daliia Kohl in Persian Gold, Cleopatra Black, and Starlight Silver

Click to read Daliia kohl tutorial on Lulus.com



Click here to read the whole tutorial! The kohls sell for $28 on lulus.com.

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  1. Putrii wrote:

    Ahhh, what an AMAZING post! (This is the second time rnidaeg it – the first time I “sleep-read” it. I know, I’m so weird! :O )I’ll never get over the fact that I can’t wear eyeliner, because my eyes are just too damn small. I think it looks so beautiful on other people, but on me…just no. If I’m feeling bold, I’ll sometimes try to work a fairly thin black line on my upper lash line and make a small flick at the end (not forgetting a ton of white liner on my water line to try to make my eye look wider and brighter!) Maybe it’s my lack of self confidence, but I just think make up accentuates everything I hate about my face. Anyway, I just want to repeat that I think others wearing eyeliner is usually amazing. If someone is really working one of the gorgeous 60s looks, I *will* sit and stare at them. ;DOoh, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the photos! I intend to look at them all one more time and become very, very jealous of their amazingness! 🙂

    Posted 7.27.14
  2. Poonpo wrote:

    Nice eye tutorial ,

    Posted 12.6.14

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