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3 new drugstore buys under $10

April 17, 2013

I keep meaning to do a regular weekly column on awesome drugstore buys, but I’m still thinking of a cute name. Any ideas? Until then, here are some of my current faves that I’m pretty sure you’ll love too for all intents and purposes (or at least, many of them):

Q-tips Precision Tips ($3.50)

Q-tips Precision Tips

This might seem like the strange thing to write about, but you know those things that you never knew you needed but now can’t live without? Right here. They’re not the normal rounded Q-tips, these are their pointy Precision Tips. Anyone who does any type of eye makeup – even if you limit it to just mascara or only eye liner – you need these. A regular Q-tip can’t get into tricky areas like the tear duct and creases like this one to clean up any stray mascara or shadow like these. Even smoking out your eyes (you know how you apply eye liner, then ‘smudge out’ with a cotton swab? Yes? No? Shall I do a tutorial on this?), is ten times easier with these babies.

John Frieda Style Revival ($9)

John Frieda Full Repair Style Revival Spray

Love this spray because it protects my hair from blow drying but also gives it body and movement. It’s a styling spray with a flexible polymer technology (means it coats your hair to protect it but won’t leave it stiff and bee-hivey like so). It’s heat-activated and weightless so you won’t feel like you have a ton of product in your hair. What’s more, it uses Inca Ichi Oil that also helps penetrate damaged strands to help mend flyaways.

Dial Skin Therapy Himalayan Pink Salt & Water Lily Replenishing Body Wash ($5)

Note, I don’t even have a picture of the product in front of me to take since I went through it so fast. Whenever one of us at the apartment uses this, it leaves us (and the bathroom) smelling heavenly. Seems like the perfect transition into spring (which by the way, seems to be taking forever in making up its mind here). This new body wash has Himalayan salt, which contains 84 minerals & elements.

Dial Skin Therapy Body Wash (cheating with a screen image of the product)

Since we’re on the topic of Dial anyway, their new 7 Day Moisturizing Lotions ($7) are ridiculous (meant in the most affectionate way possible). It contains shea butter and packed with a non-greasy formula.

Dial 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion -- at least I'm still going through this to take a pic!

I got the product being a tad skeptical — how can you even tell it’s working for seven days (assuming we shower/dry out our skin at least a few times in that time period). But after a couple weeks of use, my normally dry skin is smooth as ever, even in between showers. A huge feat to conquer — where was this last winter?!

Which new drugstore finds have you come across lately?

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