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Beauty on the Streets: Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend

May 9, 2013

Megan Collins of Style Girlfriend

Name: Megan Collins

Age: old enough to know better than to answer that question! 😉

Occupation: Writer

Location: NYC


Twitter: @styleGF

Style Girlfriend is a blog I started that’s all about guys’ style from the female perspective. Basically, I give guys the insider info on what we ladies like to see them wearing…and what we definitely DON’T (think: bootcut jeans and ratty, bbq sauce-stained hoodies).”

My style is: Upper East Side princess gets in a fight with Williamsburg hipster. Winner unclear.

The song I have on repeat right now is: Mirrors, by Justin Timberlake. Yes, still.

Growing up, I really wanted to be: a professional namer – of pets, babies, buildings. Whatever might need a name, I’d be there to christen it. Turns out, that is not a viable career option. Still seems like it would be fun, though.

The best part about being a female menswear blogger: is that my voice stands out in the crowd a bit better. I’m one of only a few women talking about guys’ style out there today!

My best fashion advice: Put your tailor on speed dial! It’s incredible what taking in an inch (or, ahem, letting it out) here or there can do to make your clothes look 100x more amazing on you. Fit is everything.

Guys, please stop: wearing running shoes when you’re not actually running.

People usually compliment my: Eyes. They’re big and brown and run in my family.

I’ll never forget the time: I saw Joshua Malina (Will Bailey from The West Wing) at a skate park in LA, and was totally starstruck. Honestly, I never geek out over celebrities, but I am such a huge West Wing fan. My friends thought I was the biggest nerd for getting so excited.

For my skin, I use: The whole skincare line from NARS is amazing. Definitely worth the splurge.

My favorite place in the whole world is: my parents’ backyard in Wisconsin. They’ve got a beautiful patio and have put a ton of time into the gardening and landscaping. There’s no place better on a Sunday morning in the summer than out there, listening to The Beatles (a family fave), sipping coffee, and reading the paper.

Current beauty product obsession: Jin Soon’s quick dry top coat, Top Gloss. I’m terrible at giving myself manicures at home, but this stuff actually makes them last!

But I also can’t live without: Bumble & bumble Surf Spray. Now that warm weather is finally here (or at least, on its way), I’ll be rocking beachy waves non-stop.

Worst habit: I ma-a-a-a-y bite my nails when I’m stressed. Maybe. Don’t tell anyone.

When I travel, I MUST have: a big bottle of water. Trying to combat that drying airplane air, I chug water like it’s my job whenever I fly.

My favorite scent right now: Tom Ford Grey Vetiver. Mmmm.

People might be surprised to know that: I have kind of a dirty mouth? I try to keep curse words off my social networks (what if I decide I want to be president one day?? Can’t have that stuff lurking for posterity around the interwebs). But yeah, sometimes I swear like a sailor.

My current favorite hair product is: Man Cave Caffeine Shampoo. It’s not available in the US yet, but it’s paraben-free and I like the idea of a jolt of java for my hair in the mornings. It seems only fair, since the rest of me gets at least a few cups each day.

I don’t understand people who don’t like: cheese curds. I am from Wisconsin, after all.

The restaurant I can never get tired of is: Marshall Stack on the Lower East Side. It’s a cash-only bar with a tiny kitchen (more like kitchen nook), so nothing fancy. The owner and bartenders all know me, which I love, and there’s not a more satisfying meal than a good IPA and their sloppy joe sliders.

Though I can make a mean: chili. me and my slow cooker are in a very serious, committed, long-term relationship. It’s true love that I know will last.

I hope in 5 years: I still love what I do as much as I do today.

Who inspires me: my sister. She is crazy talented, hard working, fun, and is raising two kids who are awesome (which is saying something for someone previously terrified of children). She’s basically Superwoman.

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