Fact: When I’m upset, I paint my nails.

Yesterday was one of those days — the Bulls lost (good run though, guys…you were quite the injured team and you still made it farther than most people expected you all too! Also I dunno why I’m writing to you guys here as if you all would ever read a makeup/food blog…sigh). Anyway, the PMS didn’t help. My email was compromised. My room needed serious organizing. After walking around in a few circles, I decided there’s nothing I wanted to do more at 1AM than paint my nails with Jin Soon‘s new Spring line, which I’ve been crushing on since FOREVER. Or, at least last winter when I began seeing the most stylish editors sporting them on their nails.

Jin Soon nail polish in French Lilac, Tea Rose, Blue Iris, Coral Peony, and Poppy Blue

Seriously, in all my years, I haven’t seen a line up of gorgeously elegant colors I’ve coveted more. Specifically, her Blue Iris. It amazes me how nail polishes now come in almost every color imaginable, but none have nailed (no pun intended) this specific shade of blue quite as perfectly as Jin Soon. Plus, the color blue itself causes the body to release calming chemicals and give you a sense of peace and tranquility. Needed.

Jin Soon Blue Iris

It’s easy to see why it’s their best seller. With just two coats, it dried to a nice, clean, and shiny finish. I wanted to make sure it stays a while though (and I have a basketball game tonight — my nails have yet to last through a game), so I finished with Julep’s new Freedom Polymer Top Coat ($17 at qvc.com).

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat

It goes on like polish but finishes like a gel. The best part is that it doesn’t need a UV lamp to have a high shine finish. It cures in 5 minutes in natural light (or 2 minute under a 60 watt bulb), and you can remove it with regular nail polish. Win, win, win.

From Jin Soon's instagram: Blue Iris is the 'it' color at the Jin soon spas, they say

Back to the color though, I woke up admiring the inky blue in all its glory. This is when I realized putting on nail polish is a way to have a few moments to myself and sort of zone out. Conclusion: painting on a couple coats as pretty as these is the best de-stresser ever. Try it.

Jin Soon nail polishes are available at jinsoon.com/shop for $18 each.

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