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Foot petals: A comfy solution to killer high heels (and flip flops!)

June 4, 2013


Ever since I moved to New York, wearing high heels have almost been but a memory. I used to live in them. I didn’t even consider flats much of an option during my days living in the Chicago ‘burbs. But the streets have worn my feet down to submission, and I find myself usually stick to no-heel sandals.

I’m slowly re-introducing them to my life recently though — I go to enough event throughout the week after all, and standing 5’5, I feel like most of the fashionistas at the mags, not to mention models backstage, are still towering over me. Enter Foot Petals, a company that is really helping the process.

Some of Foot Petals cushioning products! Sock Free Saviors and Tip Toes for Flip Flops

Foot Petals is a brand known for their shoe inserts to make walking in our sometimes uncomfortable choices in footwear a little easier. At a recent event, I met founder Tina Aldatz. Aldatz told the story about how she suffered third degree burns as a young girl, walking along the California beach and tripping over hot coals. Ever since then, she found it painful to wear most type of shoes, which made standing in heels all day borderline unbearable. So, she invented these solutions. Aldatz showed me tricks she lends to celebrs like Emma Stone on the red carpet using her patented shoe cushions.

Making my killer heels a little less so..

She took one look at my killer 4″ heels, and showed me how she doubles up with her new Sock Free Saviors ($18.95), which are antimicrobal terry cloth paths and are machine washable, and layers her Tip Toes ($6.95) over it right where the ball of your foot would hit the shoe. And there, you’re a step closer to walking on clouds. Genius.

Sock-Free Saviors and Tip Toes

If you’re more into flip floppies, there is also Tip Toes for Flip Flops , which relieves to pressure and keep your toes from trying to curl while you walk.

Tip Toes for Flip Flops, $6.95

Tip Toes for Flip Flops

Foot Petals also recently came out with their Pressure Pointz , which is the best insurance you can get for your feet. They can be places on points of rubbing or pain so you can prevent calluses and blisters from all the friction.

Pressure Pointz, $6.95

Love that they not only cushion feet to position them properly and protect your bones and tissues, they also are made with high performance urethane, Poron, which absorbs shocks, repels moisture, bacteria and odor. Check them out at or local retailers like Nordstrom and Dillard’s!

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One thought on “Foot petals: A comfy solution to killer high heels (and flip flops!)

  1. Katrina Schenfield

    Fabulous! I gave up wearing several pair of my 4″ “stripper heels” long ago because they were so uncomfortable. I may just have to dust them off and give ’em a try again with Foot Petals.

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