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Your weapon against grays: Color Wow Root Cover Up

June 22, 2013

I’m about to get real up close and personal with ya’ll. Yesterday, I was getting ready for work and decided to put my hair up in one of those Gwen Stefani-esque poofs when I spotted this little guy:


A white hair…NO, there were two! Rude.

My mom always told me not to touch my hair with any dyes and chemicals, saying it will make my hair turn white. Old Wise (Indian) Woman tale? Unclear. But I felt like this was at the very least payback for ignoring this advice and going ombre. You know, because I’m not that old (*denial). Anyway, I barely winced cuz I knew exactly what to do (what did you expect from a beauty blogger?). I was recently introduced to Color Wow’s Root Cover Up.

Color Wow Root Cover Up

It’s a first-of-its-kind formulation from Gail Federici — the beauty brains behind John Freida. I was wow’d (pun!) from the moment I saw it demonstrated on the models at the launch event, but thought I had some time before I would ever need this myself. Unbeknownst to me, I would get screwed just a few weeks later. *Not bitter.

The Root Cover Up is a powder pigment that you can brush over your grays to cover it up. Life-changing. Couple things that make this even more awesome:

– The pigments adhere to the hair without being sticky or oily and won’t dull
– It’s a better option then putting more chemicals on your hair with dyes, by giving your more time in between (Mom, I knew I’d make you proud out of this some way)
– It is WATER-RESISTANT — it lasts from shampoo to shampoo
– It yields about 60 applications, depending on how often you use it or how much gray you need to cover
– It’s compact and has a mirror so you can easily take it on the go/when traveling
– Even if you don’t have grays, make like Khloe Kardashian and take her celeb stylist, Jen Atkin’s advice to fake fuller hair: she says she uses eyeshadow along the hairline, in the same shade as her client’s hair, to shade the scalp a bit. “This makes their hair appear thicker in real life and, most importantly, in pictures,” she told Cosmo. This is even better than an eyeshadow cuz there’s no risk of it flaking off.
– The colors in Root Cover Up palette aren’t monotone — they have reflective properties so shades look natural and match easily with different tones of hair color
– It comes in 4 shades: blonde and light, medium, and dark brown (soon to come out with platinum!)

Medium Brown

Check it out — one quick easy application. What white hair?


Color Wow Root Cover Up is available at all Ulta stores and for $34.50.

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Fashion - Inspiration of the Day

Gift idea: Carrying around your emotional baggage

June 21, 2013

[Ok woah, that title is a lot more serious than it is.] Cute tote bags that are useful and facetious at once! From Unique Vintage ($34 each).

Emotional Baggage tote

Whatever tote

Shoes tote

Tote 1:
Tote 2:
Tote 3:

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FOOD - "The Delicious" - interviews - Tea/Drinks

Katharine McPhee kicks off the summer solstice with Lipton

Yesterday, Lipton Iced Tea hosted a “Taste of Summer” party, welcoming the summer solstice (the longest and brightest day of the year) with singer and actress Katharine McPhee. “This happens to be my favorite day of the year,” McPhee said. “We’re celebrating summer in an even bigger way by adding 24 hours of sunlight here.”

McPhee and the Lipton Sun illuminated art installation

She was referring to the one-of-a-kind illuminated orb, named the Lipston Sun, which she helped unveil. Created by the PRATT Institute, the orb will reside at Beekman Beach Club until the June 23rd and will be accessible to the public beginning today.


A quick pic with McPhee. #toomuchwind #longhairproblems

McPhee, who is working on a record right now, said she’s still waiting for her summer anthem. “I don’t know what it will be…maybe there will be a summer song that I can come out with!” she said.

How are you going to celebrate summer? Make sure you enter BATF’s giveaway for an assortment of teas from Lipton to help you get a #TasteofSummer too!

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Lipton Giveaway! Getting the taste of summer with Mario Lopez, mixologist Scott Fitzgerald

June 20, 2013

**Read til the end for your chance to win an assortment of teas from Lipton!**
I had a chance to catch up with Mario Lopez and NYC mixologist Scott Fitzgerald recently about how they achieve the “Taste of Summer” with Lipton!

Mario Lopez dishes on his love for Lipton teas

Beauty and the Feast: Why did you decide to collaborate with Lipton?
Mario Lopez: Lipton was a staple in the Lopez house! I grew up with my mom always having Lipton iced tea in the fridge. Now, with my own family it’s a staple in the kitchen too.

How do you get a ‘taste of summer’?
Lopez: We grew up in San Diego and blessed with beautiful weather year round. I love the outdoors, hiking, swimming — I’m all about it. I really think being outdoors and having a cold glass of iced tea is a great way to celebrate summer. It really makes me nostalgic of home.

What are some of your favorite things to do during summertime in NYC?
Lopez: I love New York. I was just there for a week. The great thing about NYC is that there’s always a lot of things going on. There’s a lot of culture, great restaurants, a great music scene. I always try to catch a show when I’m out there. The people are really cool, the energy is just great.

What are your favorite Lipton drinks?
Lopez: I really like the White Citrus Sangria and Berried Green Iced Tea with Pomegranate. I wouldn’t link up with a company unless I really believed in it, and I love that Lipton is all about really getting the taste of summer with their teas. If you want to take it up a notch, you can add bourbon to these iced tea cocktails. It’s cool to experiment with all the flavors.

I also had a chance to talk to Fitzgerald, who gave me some of his favorite drink recipes for the summer. “I’m in LA right now, and the sun is beating down on us,” he said over the phone. “So, I definitely appreciate these recipes. They hit the spot and really go with the whole theme of ‘getting a taste of summer.'” Check out his recipes in the videos below of his beloved summer mocktails:

Mint Tea Julep

2 sprigs fresh mint
1 bottle of Lipton Diet Green Tea with Citrus
Add ice
Add 2/3 cups fresh squeezed orange juice
Stir and pour in glass. Garnish with mint and serve.

Berried Green Iced tea with Pomegranate

Get 1 bottle of chilled water, empty in carafe
Add 1 Lipton Tea & Honey Blackberry Pomegranate Iced Green Tea Mix Pitcher Packet, and stir.
Add a quarter cup of sliced strawberries and whole blueberries
Add ice and stir

How are you getting a taste of summer? Lipton’s ready to help! I’m going to give ONE winner an assortment of Lipton teas (Lipton Tea & Honey Blackberry Pomegranate, Honey Mango Pineapple, Half & Half Berry Lemonade Decaf, Diet Green Tea with Citrus, Diet Green Tea Mixed Berry).
TO ENTER: (Do either of the following to qualify, both to increase your chances):

1) LIKE Beauty and the Feast’s Facebook fan page and leave a comment on this giveaway’s post about how you plan to get a Taste of Summer
2) Follow @BeautyNDFeast on Twitter and tweet “RT Follow @BeautyNDFeast to win products from @Lipton! #TasteOfSummer”

Leave a comment below to tell me how you entered and you’re in! Winner will be contacted on Tuesday, June 25th. Good luck!

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Bookworm themed baby shower plus gift ideas from Noodle & Boo

June 15, 2013

I attended the cutest baby shower in Jersey today! My friend Miral has a lil baby girl on the way, and being quite the book connoisseur that she is, it was only natural her cousin and sister-in-law, Shazia and Nida, throw her a bookworm-themed baby shower.

Diaper tower surrounded with favors: little notebooks accompanied by bookworm bookmarks

The Very Hungry Caterpillar cake and cupcakes by Sugar Drop

The hosts did such a wonderful job with all the little touches: the invitations were fashioned like those old school library slips; the party room had literary quotes and book excerpts hanging on the walls; we nibbled on Goodnight Moon inspired cookies and a cupcake-cake creation inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar (by Sugar Drop); and guests were asked to gift the future mommy with their favorite childhood book (Whattup Corduroy).


The hosts, Shazia and Nida with mommy-to-be Miral, plus glimpses of the baby shower. Pics courtesy of NBJ

This all reminded me of an awesome baby-friendly line I came across recently: Noodle & Boo. The line consist of delicate smelling cleansers and moisturizers that are safe and natural. The Newborn 2-in-1 Hair & Body Wash is a high moisture formula, and contains pro vitamin B and E to keep hair healthy. They also have SPF 50 sunscreen (which is a non oily and water resistant formula with aloe), plus moisturizers formulated specifically for diaper rashes, eczema, or extra dry skin containing soothing calendula. Of course, the entire line is dermatologist and pediatrician tested, hypo-allergenic, and tested for sensitive skin.

Noodle & Boo products: Super Soft Lotion, Baby Balm, and Hair & Body Wash

Not only do they have amazing gifts, (I love their Essential Kit ($15) and themed gift sets like the Bashful Bunny Gift Set, they also have packages to help with baby shower planning. Their Baby Shower in a Box contains gifts for the mama, shower games and prizes.

Noodle & Boo products cost $9.50 and up…check em out at Must be baby-making season cuz I have at least a few more to go to before summer’s end, and I’m definitely taking these along ;).

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Magnum personalized ice cream pop up shop officially open in Bryant Park, New York City

June 14, 2013

MAGNUM New York, a global retail pop-up concept, featuring the Make My MAGNUM experience in Bryant Park

Magnum ice cream‘s limited-time pop up shop in officially open for business in Bryant Park! The shop gives you the option to dip your vanilla ice cream in milk or dark chocolate, top it with different toppings, and then drizzle it with MORE chocolate. Magnum has been taking this global pop up concept around the world, offering toppings unique to the cities they stop in–ones you won’t find at your fro-yo haunts: gold flakes at Cannes, seaweed in Shanghai, peppercorn in Sao Paulo, and of course, pretzels just for NYC. I met up with Kate Petridi, Magnum’s Head Pleasure Maker (this is a real title), to customize my own Magnum ice cream bars at 9 am — which oddly, didn’t feel as wrong as I thought it would. And PS, now you can too.

Petridi dips the MAGNUM Ice Cream vanilla bar in real Belgian milk chocolate

Customize your own bar at the MAGNUM pop up shop!


You can choose your own combo of toppings from nine ingredients, like coconut flakes, to honey roasted almonds, to goji berries. I chose to dip mine in real Belgian milk chocolate, then had a mix of the pretzels and chopped almonds and a pinch of sea salt muddled together before they were topped over my freshly dipped ice cream. Then I had a little more milk chocolate spread over the top, and finally, we ended by placing one of their unique Magnum ‘M’ chocolate medallions on top. It was as decadent as you may have imagined.

Making my own Magnum ice cream bar


It costs only $5 to make your own bar, and the shop will be around til September 30, 2013! A perfect pairing to a movie in the park this summer. Watchu waiting for??

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