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Family celebrations: A Baby Teeth-themed party!

July 11, 2013

I think it’s safe to say my family is pretty creative when it comes to parties. When my mom, brother and his family decided they would come to visit the east coast, it was my cousin Safia’s idea to throw a dual-surprise party: (1) to celebrate my sister-in-law’s second child on the way; and (2) to celebrate my youngest sister getting into dental school. How to meld those two very different occasions? We decided a cute theme for both would be Baby Teeth!

Congrats on dental school to Haj! Congrats on baby two for Fatima!

A party like this was put together fairly quickly on our end, but with help from the family (thanks Sumaira, Heba, Ammaar, Z, Suh, and MOM!), plus the very generous Rembrandt (which, PS, I’m the new blogger ambassador for!) we were able to pull it off!

Favor table

When we decided on the theme, Rembrandt was quickly on board to help with the favors and prizes. They sent over two of my favorite things from their line: their Intense Stain Toothpaste for every guest to take home, and four boxes their Intense Stain Dissolving Strips as prizes. They were such a hit, the guests loved them. We put them right next to my sister’s favorite candies, with this sign:



Baby shower prizes

We had to get a little creative with the theme, since we quickly realized there’s really not much baby teeth-related party stuff out there. Sumaira baked red velvet, chocolate, and vanilla cupcakes and topped them with little baby feet candy and edible baby teeth frosting Safia made the night before. We tried to make the food ‘bite size’ wherever we could (my mom made sliders, I made grape salsa crostinis, and we had Chicago-style popcorn and treats sprawled across the table, for example). We mixed up the “CONGRATS!” and “IT’S A GIRL!” balloons all over the place. We also got mini water balloons and water guns that the kids played with on the end (good thing too — that day was super humid!). Here are some more highlights from the day!






Chicago popcorn

Baby teeth and baby feet!


Drinks table

Think my brother was too preoccupied with the water gun

Nephew and family

I know I missed a ton of pics of guests, will add more soon! But thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate! Also, special thanks to Rembrandt for their help!

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