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July 15, 2013

Another day another mani. This time, it’s Incoco’s Park Guell Nail Polish Strips. These are honestly one of my favorite nail strips now! I find them to be a little more resilient than most brands. These are my nails after a whole night of chopping, marinating, and cooking. They still are in pretty good shape! PS, any idea what I’m holding?

Park Geull nails


OK this is a really short game….

Mujjo phone sleeve

It’s a phone sleeve straight from Holland. This one is a Mujjo original for the Galaxy S3. A little more Fall than summer with the dark felt. But sleek touches like a brown leather clasp gives it a little more sophistication. (Love this for a gift!)



A space for your phone, and an extra pocket for cash or credit cards. That much less to lug around.


The sleeve is available at for $39 (available for the iPhone too!).

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