Air Wick’s newest scents are like a mini vacation in a bottle

So this is not my usual type o’ post. I was recently invited to the Mondrian SoHo Hotel to learn more about Air Wick‘s newest launches. To be honest, while being led to the rooftop for breakfast, I still wasn’t sure it’d be something I’d actually be able to connect to enough to write about. But settings make quite the difference…

View from the Mondrian Hotel rooftop!

More writers at the Air Wick event -- are we still in NYC?

At 9AM, the rooftop was transforming. Miles away from the city noise pollution, sipping on hibiscus tea and walking on grass-mimicking flooring, it was easy to mentally vacation from the office (which I had to return to shortly after!). It’s all in the details, something that Air Wick evidentally had long picked up on when they partnered with the National Park Foundation (NPF). They’ve crafted fragrances that bottles the essences of their national parks (their fragrance experts spent thousands of hours and went into countless combination of notes to find the perfect scents).


That includes the Rocky Mountains, Cape Cod, Zion, Acadia, Grand Canyon, Virgin Islands, Denali, American Samoa, Hawaii, the Gulf Islands. With subtle floral scents (like cactus blossoms of the Grand Canyon), tropical notes (like papaya and hibiscus flower in Hawai’i, or native coconut and island palms for American Samoas), and woody notes (like sandalwood in Acadia), they’ve successfully managed to take you away while you’re sitting on your couch.

My Denali reed diffuser!

Not to sound overly-romantic about the whole thing, but the minute I set up the Denali-scented reed diffusers in my bathroom, the smell quickly permeated my small apartment. Forget spending at least a portion of my day waiting for the train on dingy subway platforms, the minute I walk through my door, I’m now greeted with clean notes of pure cotton grass. While I’m at the office for the better part of my mornings, the times when I am at home typing away, it’s nice to picture myself somewhere far (like a sun-drenched valley of a national park!). At least now I realize how important surrounding yourself with beautiful scents is to your overall well-being…especially for a blogger. Next stop — Hawai’i ;).

Are you big on surrounding your home with candles and scents like these? Which ones are your favorites?

Air Wick scents are available in scented candles, oils, reed diffusers, and sprays, ranging from $3-$6 (at all major retailers!).

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