3 beauty game changers

There have been some really interesting and unique products I’ve been coming across lately. Keep a look out for these stand-outs — my best is there will be a lot more buzz about them soon enough:

1) The Foreo Luna

From Stockholm, Sweden, comes what I think could be considered the best thing since the Clarisonic. The Foreo Luna is even more resilient and effective because it not only cleans the face, but it’s also an anti-aging device.

The Foreo Luna

Unlike the Clarisonic (where you have to replace the brush every so often), this is made with silicone bristles and uses sonic pulses (instead of oscillations) to stimulate the blood flow, lift away dead skin cells, oils, and residue, and is still gentle on the skin. And because it’s made from non-porous silicone and not nylon, it doesn’t absorb bacteria. The most interesting thing about the shape of this device is you use the bristle side to clean your face, and then flip it around and place the opposite side over “wrinkle-prone tensions points” on your face (around the eyes, the naslabial fold, temples, and between the eyebrows), to relax the muscles. It’s like a massage for the face. Sounds kooky, but I can attest that using it made me feel like a new person. It’s soothing and gentle on skin, and am I crazy but I swear those smile lines are less pronounced. Other pluses: it’s small and travel friendly, it can be used in the shower, and a full charge lasts 450 full cleansing and anti-aging routines. Price: $139-$199 at foreo.com.

2) Living Proof Perfect Hair Day (PHD)


Whatever you may want for your hair, this new 5-in-1 treatment/styling product from Living Proof, Perfect Hair Day, claims to deliver: smoothness, volume, conditioning, strength, and polish. Not even counted in that is heat and UV protection, static control, plus no oil and silicones to speak of. Basically, you can throw everything else away. It’s all credited to their proprietary “miracle” molecule: OFPMA, which forms a weightless shield around each strand without a greasy finish. And without the oils, hair feels light. Use just a few drops on wet hair, comb through and dry. Been using it and I’m kind of amazed on how repaired my dry ends feel, and the volume! Just don’t make the amateur mistake of over-applying, lest you can’t properly blow dry it out (it happens). A little goes a long way. For $26, it deserves its place on your dresser.

3) Manuka Doctor skincare

Manuka Doctor line

This will blow your mind, but the latest skincare line is made of purified bee venom. You heard right. Sourced from New Zealand, the line uses Manuka honey combines with enzymes, peptides, and amino acids has been scientifically proven to boost collagen, prevent sun damage, and revive damaged skin cells. I know. Insane. But honestly, sh*t is awesome. It’s already taken the UK by storm (winning the award for the Best New Brand from CEW UK) and has won over fans like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham. And you can feel the difference in your skin from the first use (think even more soft and hydrated).

Some more cray cray facts
– The honey is sourced from the venom sac stored by the bee stingers (no bees are hurt in the process)
-It takes 10,000 bee stings to make 1g of dry bee venom
-The patented process of ensures that the hives used for bee venom collection don’t lose their ability to produce honey, propolis, and royal jelly.

Basically, this stuff is gold. And it’s not even ridiculously expensive for what it is: prices start at $17 and the most expensive product in the line costs $85 for the mask, which is the sole product so far that Sephora already nabbed. Check manukadoctor.com for the others :). Choose from their ApiNourish (anti-aging) or their ApiClear (acne-prone) lines.

If ya don’t know, now you knowwww.

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  1. Great beauty tips! Now I NEED all 3 of these items! The Foreo Luna is blowing my mind – must have.

    Posted 9.13.13
  2. shyema wrote:

    Yaay let me know what you think — these are all amazing, I swear!

    Posted 9.13.13
  3. Poonpo wrote:

    nice , thanks for sharing these 🙂

    Posted 12.1.14

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