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Beauty on the Streets: Lilit Caradanian

This week’s spotlight is on makeup guru, Lilit Caradanian of Lilit’s Makeup Studio in Sherman Oaks, CA. I came across her first on Instagram, where she shares gorgeous shots from her studio and helpful makeup tutorials. Read on to learn more about what makes her tick: -Shy


Name: Lilit Caradanian

Age: 29

Occupation: Makeup Artist/Business Owner

Location: Sherman Oaks, CA

Website: /

Twitter: @MakeUpbyLilit

Instagram: @MakeUpbyLilit

“My goal is to never stop moving, to never get comfortable and to always make new goals. I specialize in weddings and bridal parties, but I also teach and own a makeup studio/school. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years now, and also working on starting my own swimsuit covers (LeRush) that will be available starting March.”

When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I think is: “How am i going to organize my day? :)”

The song I have on repeat right now is: B.o.B – Chandelier

Growing up, I really wanted to be: I never really knew. I got my degree in sociology and Masters in business because I knew no matter what career I fell into, these were the two things that would help me greatly.

The best part about being a makeup artist is: Meeting so many people!

My best beauty tips is: Don’t try and look like someone else–it wont be your best look.

People usually compliment my: Eyes, because I’m always doing tutorials on myself.

I’ll never forget: I almost got stuck in San Fransisco when I had a bridal party to do at 6 am. Mini-heart attack.

For my skin, I use: Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanserr and Deep Pore Cleansing Masque because I have oily skin and it deeply cleans the pores. I also love their Pore Minimizing Lotion during the day, and Josie Maran Argan Oilat nights.

My favorite place in the whole world is: Europe! The history which LA lacks. Everything here is modernized.

Current beauty product obsession: Kevyn Aucoin Liquid Airbrush Foundation. Gives you an amazing glow without the oily aftermath.

But I also can’t live without: Beautyblender! Best blending product ever created.

Worst habit: Being too much of a perfectionist. One project may take me forever because of it!

My favorite scent is:By Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad

People might be surprised to know that: I cannot gain weight for the life of me. No matter what I do and what I eat, I don’t gain weight. [Editor note: Jealous]

My current favorite hair product is: Oribe Dry Texturing Hair Spray.

I don’t understand people who don’t like: Sweets. I live and breathe sweets.

The restaurant I can never get tired of is: Mantee Cafe in Studio City, CA. You have to try their traditional mantee!

Though I can make a mean: Baked ziti.

I hope in 5 years: Have a family of my own and possibly my own line of products!

Who inspires me: My dad. His creativity and ambition is endless.

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  1. Lilit is the best makeup artist of all time. I love her work she leaves clients looking their best at all time and to top it all off shes the sweetest human being ever. Love her work and adore her as a person. She is such an inspirational person overall. She has inspired me to follow my dreams.

    Feb 20th, 2014


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