FiberChoice Get Picky Challenge update 2!

So now it’s been about three weeks since I started the FiberChoice Get Picky Challenge. I don’t know if I’d call it so much a challenge since taking two chewable tablets of their Prebiotic Fiber Chewable Tablets plus Calcium + D a day easily became a habit I couldn’t end the day without. Taking the supplements starting making me more mindful of where I can find fiber in my foods. I started implementing chia seeds and flaxseeds in my smoothies, incorporating more kale and brussels sprouts in my breakfasts and dinners. I started to realize it’s a whole lifestyle change. I’ve been more aware of what I’m eating and gone back to the gym to not rely only on my nutrition to stay healthy.

FiberChoice Prebiotic Fiber plus Calcium + D

I’ve had no stomach issues and my metabolism has been more consistent than it has been in months…months. Also something I mentioned in my first post is something I found about the tablets are they actually taste good so taking them everyday was a treat. Plus I love that I’m getting the added calcium benefit to keep my bones strong and healthy. The only thing is I wish I started it sooner! I definitely think this is going to go beyond 30 days for me.

What sources of fiber do you take? Have you tried FiberChoice? Share your thoughts! I’m going to have one last post to wrap up the challenge and show how you can get involved and win some $$!

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