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Belvita unveils their #MorningWin Swag Shop & you can win!

September 15, 2014


Today, Belvita, who make breakfast bars that I stock up on at work to have whenever I missed breakfast, unveils their new #MorningWin Swag Shop from now until Sept 19th with the coolest things to win (seriously go there right now, they’re giving away a tablet!

On my own Belvita kick

In celebration of a #MorningWin, mine today started with getting enough sleep for once, and waking up early enough to pack my own lunch (a rarity) ,and also finding a moisturizer I lost the night before in a box of fruit snacks…because that’s how creative I get when it comes to losing stuff. And also, who loses moisturizer? Anyway, morning wins all around.

To win some swag yourself and get your own #MorningWin, all you have to do is follow them on twitter at @Belvita, and when you see a piece of swag on their site that you want to get in on, tweet #MorningWin and that prize’s specific hashtag (you’ll find that on the site too!).

But seriously, if you haven’t tried the bars, go get some. I keep them handy at the office after I learned about it being a healthier breakfast bar option with 19 grams of whole-grain, 5 grams of fiber, and B vitamins. Check em out, and good luck winning some swag!

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