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#BauliBakeOff recipe: A spin on a traditional Indian dessert

December 8, 2014

Bauli, a company whose signature is their ready-to-eat Italian pastries, recently launched a contest to create a recipe using one of their baked goods. I wanted to try my hand in making something different using their star-shaped Limonce (lemon) cake, and my friend Shazeen suggested trying a traditional Indian/Pakistani sweet shahi tukra (literally translates to ‘royal piece’) which consists of fried dough and a sweet saffron sauce topped with nuts. I never tried making it before but I loved the vision of blending an Italian dessert with and Indian one and seeing what happens. Spoiler: it tasted delicious and the nuts and roses (playing off the rose water infused in the sauce) makes it the prettiest dish too. Check out the recipe below (and vote for it if you like it on their Facebook page HERE)!

First time making our version of 'shahi tukra'

We used Bauli's Pandoro Limonce cake


Bauli Pandoro Limonce (lemon) cake
14 oz sweetened condensed milk
1/3 cup milk
1 tsp of saffron
1 tsp rose water
8 tbsp olive oil (for frying)
4 tsp butter (for frying)
Sliced Almonds
Edible silver leaf foil (optional)
Dried roses (optional)

Some ingredients for this recipe



In a blender, ground a handful of pistachios and set aside.

For the sauce:

In a pot, pour sweetened condensed milk over medium heat for a few minutes then pour in milk, saffron, and rose water. Keep stirring until it bubbles and thickens. Set aside.

Step 1

Stirring in milk, saffron, and rose water

Waiting for sauce to bubble and thicken

For the cake:

Ready made Bauli cake

1. Slice the ready-made Bauli cake in four pieces lengthwise. Then, chop each piece evenly in little loaves.

Slicing cake


Ready to fry

2. In a sauce pan, pour 2 tbs of olive oil and a tsp of butter. Warm over medium heat. Fry pieces of the cake until just slightly brown (this happens quickly, each side should take about 30 seconds to a minute depending on the heat).

Frying cake


4. After frying the cake slices, arrange on a dish as desired. Take sauce and drizzle over and around slices. Sprinkle ground pistachios, whole pistachios, and slice almonds over the dish. To decorate, you can add the edible silver leaf foil, and dried rose buds (we found this at an Indian grocery store — note to NYC’ers, Kalyustan’s has everything you need and some).



Try it and let me know what you think. I loved how the lemon already in the cake blended so well with the pistachio, almond, and saffron spices. If you want to enter your own recipe/photo, check out Bauli’s Facebook page to submit a photo or make sure to hashtag #baulibakeoff on Instagram or Twitter to enter!

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