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Dough Loco in East Harlem

January 29, 2015

After moving to my new ‘hood a few months ago, last weekend was the first time I actually explored some of the food in the area. I haven’t as much ordered from Seamless or even eaten out since my move, taking full advantage of a new cooking space situation. But the good thing of having friends who live near you and have already gotten the lay of the land is sometimes, they take you with. And so my friend Shazeen introduced me to Dough Loco, a small doughnut joint a hop and skip away from my apartment.

Dough Loco


I’ve never really been a doughnut person, but as NYC imposes its likings upon you, as it had done to me with cupcakes previously, I can’t say I hate them either. And hate is also as far as it can go with Dough Loco. I guess I’m trying to overcome my denial and say, this place is awesome.

When we walked into the small space I was on the phone, so I didn’t pay full attention to all the flavors but quickly pointed to the Blueberry on Bluberry doughnut topped with little crunchies which Shazeen picked up for me, and got a Raspberry Siracha doughnut for herself. The doughnuts are made fresh, and who knew a combo like raspberry siracha would work, but it tastes exactly what it is, and it just does.

To go

Raspberry siracha and bluberry Dough Loco doughnuts


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Recipe: Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Garlic Aioli

January 28, 2015

Crispy smashed potatoes and Honest Chops sausages

Pretending to be snowed in is as good excuse as any to try something new, yes? I used to make a big shopping list for a new recipe but call it laziness, now I’m working in reverse and trying to make something with whatever’s in my kitchen (also a good excuse not to have to go outside when you realize you’re two steps away from being a creature in hibernation).

I had a whole sack of red potatoes I wanted to try making a new side dish with and thought about smashed potatoes since my cousin mentioned she was craving some the other day. This is a great one to try because A) it’s pretty, but more importantly B) the avocado garlic aioli has so much flavor. Making this isn’t hard at all but takes a little bit of patience because the potatoes take a while to soften. I made it to compliment some 9th Degree sausages I got from Honest Chops which I already had in my freezer too (that’s one of their prepped meats, which makes it so easy to just throw on the grill since it’s already seasoned). PS, you can make these potatoes vegan if your substitute the mayo with a vegan variety.


18 small red potatoes (this was about how many came in a sack)
Extra virgin olive oil
Fine grain sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Ground red cayenne pepper
Garlic powder or garlic sea salt, for sprinkling on top
Few stems of parsley or cilantro to garnish

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Almond butter & Coffee toast

January 26, 2015

Snap from my trip to Costa Rica

I have a whole post almost ready to go about everything I did in Costa Rica, in case any of you are planning to go (which, also, you SHOULD). And now with this impending snowstorm of record proportions due to hit NY, the pura vida nostalgia is for REAL.

Chocolate covered espresso beans

One of my favorite snacks from there were these little chocolate covered espresso beans I tried first at the Doka Estate. As you can might be able to tell from the blog alone, give me coffee flavored everything. I took one bite of these and stocked up on them to give to everyone back home too.

Almond Butter x Chocolate coffee attempt 1

I even started incorporating them on random days at breakfast. I topped whole grain, whole wheat bread with almond butter, a drizzle of honey, and thought that would be my healthy-ish breakfast. But I eyed my packet of Britt chocolate, and added it to my toast. On the second go, I even put a little finely-grounded coffee (the same Irving Farm Roasters one from the previous post).

Attempt two with powdered coffee

I may be an addict, but I’m not apologizing.

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My new daily grind: Coffee tasting with Chemex’s pour over

January 23, 2015

Guys, I’m not sure what I was drinking before, but I’m with the coffee snobs on this one: drip coffee tastes way better.

Chemex pour over

I probably wouldn’t have fully appreciated it had my friend Russell (hi Russell!) got me this hourglass contraption from Chemex for my birthday. I was super intimidated to try it but after a quick lesson I realized we are just spoiled senseless by coffee machines. Here’s a quick Instagram video I did:

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Anti-Aging - Beauty - "The Lovely"

Philosophy teams up with singer Natasha Bedingfield for a hopeful initiative

January 21, 2015

Last night, Philosophy hosted a concert with British singer Natasha Bedingfield to bring light to their new Hope & Grace Initiative — going forward, the brand will be donating 1 percent of all their product sales (whether it’s at Sephora, Ulta, or QVC) to support community-based mental health efforts. To just give you an idea, they are the #1 selling skincare brand on QVC, and they’re hoping to donate at least $10,000,000 in less than five years.

Natasha Bedingfield performing her new song Hope last night


When they came up with the idea of restoring hope in women who are dealing with mental health issues — studies show 1 in every 4 women are struggling with a mental health issues, but more than 40 percent never seek treatment because of the stigma attached to itJill Scalamandre (COTY’s Chief Marketing Officer) told the crowd that whenever she’s feeling down she would turn on Bedingfield’s music. Her songs like ‘Pocket Full of Sunshine’ and ‘Unwritten,’ she explained always brought her up. When the brand started thinking of partnering wish someone who could bring awareness to their initiative, they thought Natasha would be the best fit. They reached out to her and within 6 days, she was on board. Within another week, the song “Hope” was written. Twenty percent of the profits from the single, which Bedingfield debuted last night, will be donated to the Hope & Grace Initiative.

To kick off the launch, the brand presented their first $20,000 check to Connect, and organization that helps women suffering with domestic violence. Talk about a feel-good evening.

Renewed Hope in a Jar

To round it out, Philosophy has also launched their evolved best-selling Hope in a Jar with Renewed Hope in a Jar, a more lightweight, all-day moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, and alpha-hydroxy acids (glycolic, mandelic, and citric) to improve pore visibility and fine lines. In one week, 100% of users reported an improvement in skin texture, and after 4, 79% saw a reduction in pore size. I love this newer version — the original was a tad too heavy for me but I used this one for the first time last night before I went to bed and this morning my skin feels so smooth and soft today (we call it a #WinterWin). Going to keep using it to see if it keeps improving!

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New restaurant opening: Henri on Fifth in Park Slope

January 16, 2015

Grilled cheese and Pac-Man. Need I say more?

Henri on Fifth in Park Slope, Brooklyn

I was invited recently to check out a preview of Henri on Fifth, a new restaurant in Park Slope that mixes an eclectic cuisine drawing on the owner Binh Douglas and his wife’s heritage (he’s part Vietamese, Native American, African American and she’s part French and German) with a comfortable atmosphere and a bottomless supply of board games. The place is named after their newborn (cue the ‘awwwwws’). To be honest, what reeled me in was when they told me there’d be a “fun selection of retro board games to play” because I’m really 12 and How fun?! I braved the cold to take a 20 minute subway ride down to BK after work, but was pleasantly surprised to find that the food was even more astounding.

List of available games. I requested they add Taboo to the line up because then it'd be OVER.

The arcade games are found inside two tables you can play at (no coins needed)

And the menu was just what the winter blues calls for: buttery nut squash soup, sliders with caramelized shallots and sherry thyme, pretzel bread with muenster and sauerkraut, truffle fries, banh mini tacos, several types of succulent grilled cheeses, and probably my favorite unexpected treat, deviled eggs filled with seasoned siracha cream and a little BBQ chip that gives it the perfect balance of taste and texture.

Grilled cheese bite

Deviled egg

Butter nutty squash soup

Pretzel bread with sauerkraut and muenster

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