Dough Loco in East Harlem

After moving to my new ‘hood a few months ago, last weekend was the first time I actually explored some of the food in the area. I haven’t as much ordered from Seamless or even eaten out since my move, taking full advantage of a new cooking space situation. But the good thing of having friends who live near you and have already gotten the lay of the land is sometimes, they take you with. And so my friend Shazeen introduced me to Dough Loco, a small doughnut joint a hop and skip away from my apartment.

Dough Loco


I’ve never really been a doughnut person, but as NYC imposes its likings upon you, as it had done to me with cupcakes previously, I can’t say I hate them either. And hate is also as far as it can go with Dough Loco. I guess I’m trying to overcome my denial and say, this place is awesome.

When we walked into the small space I was on the phone, so I didn’t pay full attention to all the flavors but quickly pointed to the Blueberry on Bluberry doughnut topped with little crunchies which Shazeen picked up for me, and got a Raspberry Siracha doughnut for herself. The doughnuts are made fresh, and who knew a combo like raspberry siracha would work, but it tastes exactly what it is, and it just does.

To go

Raspberry siracha and bluberry Dough Loco doughnuts


And that’s probably what makes it interesting to me – their combos like blood orange and poppyseed, and blackberry gingersnap cake, chai eggnog, intense chocolate, or the the popular miso maple doughnut. I couldn’t find much more info on it except their Facebook says it’s a “crazy yeast-raised doughnut and coffee joint” (they serve Blue Bottle espressos here…also I hope Shazeen is reading this). Whatever the case, I’m a fatter happier person for knowing it exists.

Shop Info:
Dough Loco

24 E. 97th St.
New York, NY 10029
Upper East Side/East Harlem

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