Try this: Aztec Secret Clay Mask

In more than a few instances, I kept coming across Aztec Secret’s Indian Healing Clay Mask either in the stories I’ve had to edit or other bloggers’ recommendation. I was finally curious enough to go to Whole Foods and pick some up with some apple cider vinegar and try it myself.

Weekly DIY clay mask

The mask itself is a natural calcium bentonite green clay which helps detox and draw out impurities in the skin. When mixed with organic apple cider vinegar (I use this one from Brragg which is raw and unfiltered), it becomes even more powerful. The vinegar has a bunch of alpha hydroxy acids that help to remove dead skin cells to make your complexion more even (it’s great alone to help treat zits and age spots, and even add a ton of shine if used on hair alone).

The mask itself tingles a little and then tightens, and PS, smells DISGUSTING. I mix a teaspoon with a capful of ACV (the mixture should bubble a little), or until the consistency is a little more pastey. If it’s too watery, it won’t go on well, and will take forever to dry. If it’s too solid, it won’t spread well. After you wash it off (about 10 minutes), you might notice your skin a little pink which goes down after a few minutes (make sure you use a gentle moisturizer after! I use Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar). You might notice a few whiteheads too, which is just the toxins being extracted. I’m not sure how sensi-skin types would react to it since it isn’t the most gentle mask, but it is a nice pick-me-up for my combo skin that I use on the weekends or before big events so my makeup goes on smoother. Plus it’s really affordable — I got mine from Whole Foods for $8 (think the ACV was another $7) and a pound will last you for months and months.

Anyone else try it? What do you think?

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