West Village: L’Artusi

I’m a completely different eater now from when I first moved to NYC. It went from steps of eating out all the time, to ordering in all the time, to now cooking all the time (or as I look at it, a progression of enthusiasm, to complacency, to now a revived sense of adventure). I eat out now mostly when it’s convenient for whoever I’m meeting (anyone who knows me now knows I usually offer to make something as an excuse to stay in, but that could also be winter’s effect on me). Yesterday though, when my friend Angel and I were looking for a place to grab dinner, I remembered L’Artusi. The Italian restaurant is a beautiful, two-level spot in the West Village that I was first introduced to Fashion Week years ago when NARS hosted their first blogger dinner there. It was also responsible for instilling my love for brussels sprouts because there’s is like another level. Trying to make a reservation here in the past few months has not been an easy feat — I’ve been trying on separate occasions for a small group and it never worked out so when they actually had one available, we nabbed it.

: A mound of shredded kale with walnuts, apple, an pecorino. Highly recommend, it’s light and delicious.

Kale salad

: Beets ravioli, filled with ricotta cheese, and poppy seeds; Spaghetti with garlic chilies and parmesan.


The ravioli was delicious, but now I get why the waiter pushed us to order more…you’re pretty much paying $18 for five pieces of ravioli. Which hurts my heart because at $4 a piece, I know I could buy a whole packet of them at the store for $4. But since we are at a fancy place, we have to play by fancy rules. So not about this life. Angel said the spaghetti was tasty and light with the mix of garlic and parmesan.

: Brussels sprouts with pecorino and black pepper.

Brussels sprouts

It was a teeny bit heavy on the salt, but it was still a delicious mix of cheese and seasoning and I love that they roast it to a crisp.

: Hazelnut chocolate torts with praline crunch and salted caramel gelato.

Hazelnut chocolate torta

Dessert was a good note to leave it on (give me hazelnut/praline anything and I’m happy). A good place for a fancy date night (I think everyone around us was on one, now that I think about it). Or to catch up with a friend who you’ve been planning to have dinner with for, like, a year (Hi Angel!!).

Meal: Dinner

Occasion: Craving brussels sprouts
Price: $$$
(Out of three stars)
Ambiance: ***
Food: **
Service: ***
Would I go back?: It’s a solid spot (date night!) with a nice, dimly-lit ambiance and attentive staff. I’d go back to try more things off the menu, but I’m making ravioli at home!

Restaurant Info:

228 W 10th St
New York, NY 10014
(212) 255-5757
West Village

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