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Recipe: Seasoned thyme pepper chicken with sautéed veggies

March 10, 2015

It’s been a long time since I got together with some of my friends and when they were picking out a restaurant, I thought it might be nicer to have a home cooked meal so I offered to cook. Everyone was on this workout binge apparently, and really wanted protein in the meal. I had to nix my plan for breaded chicken and thick sauces and decided to go with a healthier option. But I didn’t want to skimp on taste. I thought veggies and chicken would be an easy way to go. I made this up as I went along but it tasted pretty good so thought I’d share:



5-6 boneless chicken breast
8-10 sprigs of thyme
Pepper, salt to season
1 tsp of red pepper flakes (you can skip this if you don’t want any spice)
A dash of cayenne pepper (again, can skip if you don’t want spice)
4 cloves of garlic, minced
extra virgin olive oil (to sautee)
6 oz of white mushroom, sliced
6-8 shallots, sliced
1 red onion, sliced (or you can just slice more shallots if you have enough…I mixed it up a little here)


1) Season chicken breasts with thyme, salt, pepper, cayenne, and red pepper flakes until completely covered. Set aside.

2) In a non-stick frying pan, warm olive oil (a few teaspoons) and minced garlic on medium heat for a few minutes. Add mushrooms, shallots and onion and sautee until brown.


3) Move veggies around to the perimeter of the pan. If needed, add another tsp of oil in the middle and lay chicken breasts in the middle (about 2-3 might fit depending how big the pan is). Cover and cook each side for about 5 minutes until slightly brown.

Finished chicken

Note: I left the veggies in there so the chicken has those juices as it cooks. If you feel the veggies are burning, you can remove, but I left it for at least the first couple breasts to cook and removed.

4) When chicken is ready, serve with the mushroom/shallots/onion mixture on top.

Super easy, delicious, and healthy. If you want to take it a step further, you can even bake the chicken, which I might try next time. I also served with a side of basil pesto mushroom ravioli, and another of spinach and cheese ravioli in marinara (clearly I’m not counting carbs). I’ll detail that in another post!

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Twitter Chat: BelVita and the Changing American Breakfast

March 6, 2015

Anyone join in the breakfast convo on Twitter that I mentioned in this post? Belvita partnered up with registered dietitian Keri Gans, life coach Christine Hassler, and author of Eat It to Beat It!, David Zinczenko to give you a few pro tips for amping up your breakfast routine.

BelVita biscuits mine -- Grumpy cup borrowed

In honor of National Cereal Day tomorrow, here are some breakfast facts:

  • The recommended amount of fiber for women is 30g, and 35g fiber for men.
  • A study by NPD Group Inc. found that Americans have an average of just 12 minutes a day for consuming breakfast. That is about half the time we spend on lunch (28 minutes) or dinner (24 minutes).
  • Eating breakfast sets the tone for the day because it gets our blood sugar up which makes our brain function better the rest of the day. It gets our metabolism going. It reduces cravings later in the day. And it puts us in a better mood.
  • Dietary fiber from whole grains, as part of an overall healthy diet, helps reduce blood cholesterol levels and may lower risk of heart disease.
  • To recap of some of the pro tips from our participants mentioned above in case you missed it:

  • “Doing something 40 days in a row moves it from a change to a habit. Making a complete breakfast a habit starts today.” –Christine Hassler (@ChristinHassler)
  • “A serving of belVita (which has @20g of whole grains/serving and 4g fiber per pack), with a low-fat Greek yogurt and a serving of fruit, can be the perfect grab and go complete breakfast.” –Keri Gans (@Kerigans)
  • “Being that people today have no time to cook, they are looking for options with nutrition’s latest buzzwords – protein and fiber. belVita paired with a serving of non-fat yogurt and fruit hits on protein, fiber AND whole grains.” –David Zinczenko (@DaveZinczenko)

Anyone else trading in their spoon tomorrow for whole grain, fiber-rich BelVita breakfast biscuits? Note: the announcement for the Twitter chat is sponsored, but I’ve been a long time BelVita consumer — I always buy bars for the office (see above!) and at home to make sure I get breakfast in so just re-stating my commitment to ‘trade in my spoon’ for National Cereal Day for my usual routine :).

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7 things that got me through the week

March 1, 2015

How’s your week been? I’ve been trying out a lot more products for my skin and a couple others new ones that are just amazing (Revlon, I see you).


1) Cutex Advanced Removal Nail Polish Remover pads, $4 for a pack of 10 pads – There has been a lot of nail polish swatching in my life lately and these pads are not only heavy duty, but they don’t leave your nails dry thanks to it’s currant, apricot, and flaxseed oils. Plus, whenever anything’s packaged in a way that lets me easily travel with them, I’m on board.

2) Obagi System Professional-C 20% Vitamin C Serum, $57 Ole Henriksen originally got me into vitamin C serums which always gave my skin a healthy looking glow. Their serum has 10% vitamin C, so this one from Obagi is even more potent. I’ve been using it under my moisturizer morning/night and I could tell a difference in a few weeks. Even my uncle commented on how my skin was glowing when I went to visit him recently :).

3) La Prairie Cellular Swiss Ice Crystal Cream, $300 – I’m allowed one indulgence, right? I got this gratis before you think I have $300 lying around. But since I’m going hardcore on the anti-aging regimen I decided it was time to bring out the big guns. It contain a good mix of antioxidants and amino acids, and quickly absorbs in my skin. Only thing I’m not crazy about is the added fragrance. Not sure the price tag makes it worth it yet, but I’m giving it a chance and my skin hasn’t felt dry in days.

Pure Eurphoria swatches

4) Pure Euphoria nail polishes, $16 each – These were sent to me all the way from Australia, and I was intrigued for a few reasons. One, because Australia, makers of such beautiful things as Liam Hemsworth and Margot Robbie. Two and three and four, they are vegan, 5-free (so no chemicals toluene, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin and camphor), and contain essential oils that they say are fragrant when dry. The aromatherapy, they say, is supposed to be de-stressing. I used it the first time with a top coat and well, couldn’t smell anything on my nails after. But left alone call me crazy but it did have a slight lavender scent to it.


The colors are what I was on the fence about. These ones are pretty, but standard, right? My favorite is the dark plum “Focus-Inpsiration” for winter (far left), but the rest are a little expected.

5) Ole Henriksen Power Peel, $45 for 6 treatments – Speaking of Ole Henriksen, I went back to my original love to give his Power Peel a try. It’s supposed to help hyper pigmentation, and sun damage (the former where I needed the most help!). Each use is a three-packet ordeal: an almond scrub with alpha hydroxy, a lemon strip (that helps dissolve dead skin cells), and a chamomile gel that helps calm the skin. Been using it once a week and my skin feels so much smoother. I really trust Ole’s products and it hasn’t let me down yet.

Close up of the Kevyn Aucoin wand

6) Kevyn Aucoin Volume Mascara, $22 – I love this mascara so hard because its thin spoil is so unassuming, but the formula actually coats each lash with a black liquid that dries to make each individual one a little thicker. It’s a little freaky when you wash it off and see little black flexible fibers coming off (the first time I thought it was my lashes), but it’s just the flexible coating. So genius.

Peach Prism swatch

7) Revlon PhotoReady Eye Art Pen, $10 – I used this for the first time for a dinner I went to last week, and I can’t get over how pretty the eye shadow cream goes on. The shades are bold, easy to use, and stays in place all night with no creases to boot. The liner gives a pretty sparkle you can use as a liner or lids to take it up a notch. Check out Peach Prism (shown here) — it has the prettiest rose gold shadow.

What have you been using this week?

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