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Beauty - "The Lovely" - Face

Neutrogena’s Earth Month #WipeForWater campaign

April 24, 2015

Neutrogena‘s doing their part to help conserve water: they partnered with Kristen Bell and The Nature Conservancy for a new #WipeForWater campaign. For seven days, Bell has pledged to only clean her face using Neutrogena Naturals wipes [she’s their brand ambassador], saving 35 gallons of water in the process.

The wipes are really gentle (I tried it for the first time last night and it even powered through waterproof eyeliner).

The day after a shoot -- some serious de-caking happening

You can pledge too using #WipeForWater and here’s why you should at least make the effort: for every pledge, Neutrogena Naturals will contribute to the Nature Conservancy to support water conservancy.

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FOOD - "The Delicious" - Mexican

Cafe El Presidente in Flatiron

April 14, 2015

If you love Tacombi, a Mexican restaurant in Nolita and one of my favorite spots, you’re going to love its younger sister, Cafe El Presidente. It has the same menu as the former, but with expanded options and an even more airy, open atmosphere — if Tacombi is someone’s backyard, Cafe El Presidente is the whole city. They have the same practices though — food made from scratch with fresh, local ingredients.

Inside Cafe El Presidente

Central kitchen area with spectator seats

On a Friday night, it was buzzy and crowded but with a bigger floor plan you’re not rubbing elbows with fellow patrons. I went recently with a friend and we basically ordered…everything.

Starters to order: Guacamole, esquites (grilled corn con cotija cheese & chipotle mayo), and ceviche guerrero (fresh local fish in lime juice)

Guac and creamy esquites



Creamy esquites

If you’re going to order one (why, but OK), the esquites are not to be missed. Cafe El Presidente has a lot more taco options for vegetarians too: maize y poblano (Grilled corn and poblano chile topped with chihuahua cheese), black bean and sweet potato (sautéed sweet potatoes over Rancho Gordo beans), bongos chamula (sautéed mushrooms), and frijoles con queso (beans with chihuahua cheese)
. Of course, they’re known for their Baja Crispy Fish (Baja-style local cod battered and fried), so if you’re new you have to at least try this with their homemade sauces. If you’re not, try their picadillo de angus regio (beef picadillo tacos), or pollo yucateco (slow roasted free range chicken).

Mini tacos here start at $2.49 each

Crispy fish, shrimp, and mushroom tacos

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