Two post-workout saviors under $10

I’m slowly making my way back to my gym routine post-vacation (which after a measurable bout of jet lag from hopping around Paris to NYC to California and back, has been a struggle). It started with a Surfset class in the East Village hosted by Dr. Teal’s to showcase their Pre & Post Workout Soak and Cream. Dr. Taz, who’s a specialist in integrative medicine, acupuncture, and a certified nutritionist, was there to talk about the benefits of magnesium sulfate to help soothe muscle aches, exfoliate dead skin cells, relieve sore feet, improve sleep, and reduce stress (note: she also mentioned that there is a thing as too much soaking — the recommendation is no more than 20 minutes, three times a week).

Before a sweat session with Surfset

The class left me energized, but it wasn’t until my next workout where I was using weights and did a few dreaded sets of half-up twist sit ups that I woke up completely sore in my upper back. So sore, it took me a few extra minutes to get up because I couldn’t move. I remembered Dr. Teal’s, and since I didn’t have the luxury of time for a soak I grabbed their Pain Relief Cream which also has cooling menthol. It has a light medicinal smell but nowhere near the pungent BenGay kind, and it didn’t leave my back greasy so I could change right after. Then there was my hair situation…

Dr. Teal's Pre & Post Workout Pain Cream and Aussie Total Miracle Dry Shampoo

The night before I took a body shower (I didn’t have enough energy to shampoo and blow out my hair), but of course that means I wake up with some greasy roots. For a quick fix I’ve been turning to Aussie’s Total Miracle Dry Shampoo. Every time I use it, my roommate comments that it smells like blueberries (my favorite!), but even better is it gives a nice boost of volume, goes on relatively sheer if you use it right and sops up any excess oil from your workout (plus it’s only $6 at drugstores). It does have a little bit of a hairspray finish for texture, but if you work it in with your fingers you can break it up pretty quick.

Dr. Teal’s Pre & Post Workout Pain Relief Cream is available at mass retailers for $5.

What are you go-to products after a workout?

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