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Seasoned chicken breast and kale salad

June 18, 2015

The only reason this was a quick meal was because I was repurposing leftovers from a couple days before, but that’s why it’s so much better to cook for the week!

Kale chicken salad

I just added a little olive oil and garlic salt in the kale and topped it with chicken breasts. The chicken, as I mentioned in the previous post, were seasoned with rosemary, thyme, salt and pepper, and the carmelized mushrooms and onions were made the same day (sautéed with a little soy sauce and lemon). I topped it all with pine nuts and Carrington Farm’s flax and chia blend which conveniently come in these little packets. I’ve been using it in my smoothies and yogurt as well — you can put it on everything and it’s loaded with Omega 3s, protein and fiber. I’ve also been cooking pretty much everything with coconut oil (my eggs, meat, etc). I use Carrington’s brand at home, but also love that I have their packets of it too when I’m on the go.

A good, healthy post-workout/breaking fast/just because meal. How do you prep your leftovers?

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