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Recipe: Healthy Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken

February 26, 2017

I’m not sure how many people are into Snapchat’s Discover channels, but I’m pretty obsessed with Tastemade. They always make videos of really enticing dishes in a fun way, like this Spicy Honey Mustard Chicken I caught one time. It’s healthy and the spicy honey mustard has a nice kick to it. It quickly ended up being my go-to while I was living in Dubai. Whomever I made this for always asks for the recipe, so thought I’d share it here:

spicy honey mustard

1/4 cup honey
1/3 cup spicy brown mustard
1/2 tsp. paprika
1/2 tsp. kosher salt
1/2 tsp. pepper
2 tbsp. apple cider vinegar
1 tsp. garlic powder
1/2 tsp. cayenne
1/2 tsp. cumin
1 tbsp. olive oil
2 lbs. boneless, skinless chicken breast
optional garnish: chopped Italian parsley

Combine all ingredients to make a marinade, then cover chicken with marinade. I either then put it in a Ziplock or mix it all in a bowl and cover it with saran wrap and then leave in fridge for 1-2 hours or overnight. When you’re ready to cook, heat up 2 tbs olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat. I would also cut the chicken breasts in half for thinner pieces so it cooks more evenly. About two minutes on each side should do it. Try it and let me know what you think!


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How I Style My Wavy Lob

February 23, 2017

I get this question a LOT, so I figured I’ll put it all in one place. Here’s the riveting story about how I style my messy lob, and what products I like to use.
beachywaves shy 1
As a preface, I did this quick IG video tutorial about it:

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I start with wet hair and if I’m feeling more volume, I’ll use this Liss & Plump gel-cream styler from L’Oreal Professionel. Even if you’re not particularly doing this style but crave volume, THIS is it. It helps give you hair more body without being crunchy like you might using mousse. I use a dime-size for my hair and just finger brush it through.

Then I spritz my favorite Wave Spray from Ouai. I’ve tried other “waving” sprays but haven’t found one I like quite like Ouai’s yet.

Then I do a rough blow dry. No brush, no tools. My hair naturally, by the way, is wavy…ish. After I did a Cezanne keratin treatment years ago, I think it changed the structure of my hair and it veers more on the straight side lately (I never did a keratin treatment before or after this instance!), but I guess it’s naturally somewhere in between.

After my hair is dry, I use a 1″ FLAT iron. You can use a curling wand too, and when my hair was freakishly long that was my tool of choice. But I find using the flat iron makes it look a little more messy and undone which is more what I’m going for. I first part my hair and clip it up to do the bottom layer first. Starting from the roots, I twist my hair in the flat iron to make bends, leaving the ends straight (about 2 inches from the bottom). Then, I unclip the top layer and curl it the same way (you can see in the video how I do this). Then I’ll just go around and straighten the ends with the flat iron to make it look messy.

And the grand finale (and also how I came to appreciate this product): Texturizing Spray. It helps give your hair grit and look more worn in. Again, my favorite is from Ouai, but I also LOVE Amika Un.Done Texture Spray (and it smells like perfume!). Just spray it all over and shake your fingers through your hair.

And it'll end up something like this...

And it’ll end up something like this…

(You all have to bare with me as I continue to use some shitty Snapchat pictures until I get a new camera). Anyway, there you have it. Hope this helps!
wave products
L’Oreal Professionel Liss & Plump gel-cream styler, $26
Ouai Wave Spray, $26
1″ Flat Iron (I currently use Evan Professional’s, but you can use any that has a a beveled shaped)
Ouai Texturizing Spray, $26, or Amika Un.Done Texture Spray, $24


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Recipe: Rosemary Lamb Chops

February 22, 2017

Lamb chops are something I love to eat, but never took a hand at cooking myself. I’ve really wanted to for a while now, but could never justify just making chops for myself.

Rosemary lamb chops

Rosemary lamb chops

So when my friend ordered a rack of lamb from Honest Chops (my favorite halaal/organic butchery in NYC), I decided to take it upon myself to try. And honestly, it’s not that hard at all, but I’ve read different recipes that have different methods of doing it. You can bake it in the oven first, wrap it in foil — I didn’t do any of that fancy stuff. I first consulted with my friend Erica, who’s a chef and always posts the most delicious looking chops (check out her IG: @insta.eggy), and she sent me over some recipes she liked from Ina Garten and Giada. I took a look as a starting point, but ended up with this marination. I pretty much eye’d everything but this it was 1 tsp or so of everything:

Chopped rosemary
Chopped thyme
Sea salt
Black pepper
White pepper
Powdered garlic
Olive oil

Season before cooking

Season before cooking

First I sliced the 1 lb. rack of lamb to one bone each, and covered it in this mixture and let it sit in the fridge for an hour. Then I melted butter to baste and seared in a hot pan for 2-3 minutes on each side (any longer made some of them well done). I think it turned out pretty good!





I read in some of the recipes that they marinate the whole rack before cutting — I’m not sure what is better, but this one worked for me. If you’ve cooked chops before, what method do you use? I’d love to try cooking it another way, too!



A Brief Break…

I know, I know…I KNOW. It’s been a while since I’ve been updated this thing. If you follow me on Instagram, that sort of turned into my micro blog so you probably know more or less what I’ve been up to. The truth is, after so much time passes, it starts to get anxiety-inducing to start blogging again. Because to be honest, blogging takes a lot of time, it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of hours after work. I would be up until 3AM every night sorting through photos, writing, linking–and that was normal to me. And not to say the passion isn’t there, it’s just a few major things took some adjusting and in effect the blog took a backseat.

One is as a beauty writer, that meant I had to prioritize working at a magazine and other publications over the blog. I’ve been working at/freelancing at Allure,,, and will be at a few more pubs to come. I’ll keep you updated on those writings here going forward.

But another major reason for the brief absence was relocating to Dubai for almost a year. I thought I’d continue blogging while I moved abroad, but moving to another country takes a lot of time adjusting, and my priorities were setting up my life there first. Working and freelancing took up so much of my attention that I didn’t get to post here. But now that I’m back in NYC, I’ve made it my goal to keep the blog updated. I guess there was an option to nix this and start a whole new site, or re-vamp it totally and start fresh (which is still in the cards), but it was hard to let go of my baby. I felt like Beauty and the Feast was so much a part of my journey into New York, food blogging, and beauty writing that I don’t think I’d ever just scratch it completely. Even if it sits hopelessly idle for a few months.

So thanks for all of you who have followed me this far, and who will stay up to date here. I am cooking a LOT more so I’ll be sharing those recipes, and still the biggest beauty junkie ever, so not too much has changed. Just thought I’d start by saying hello again :). Blogging always has a way of making your feel like you’re typing away to open air, so to that end, don’t be shy to comment — I’m excited to hear from you all again!

Now let me see if I still remember how to do this…