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Chef Aida Mollenkamp on how to eat well & keep your smile bright!

August 26, 2013

By Bilal Mohammad I recently had the pleasure of attending an interactive cooking experience hosted by Rembrandt and Celebrity Chef Aida Mollenkamp (she’s been on the Food Network’s Ask Aida, the Cooking Channel’s FoodCrafters, and has authored a cookbook, “Keys to the Kitchen: The Essential Reference for Becoming a More Accomplished, Adventurous Cook”). Hosted at […]

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A Gentlemen’s Brunch at Amélie

July 31, 2013

By Bilal Mohammad I’m fasting this month in observance of Ramadan, so I’ve had to forgo my favorite my meal of the day: brunch. In remembrance of the glorious days when I could meet up with my boys for a midday feast following a 12-hour slumber, I will review one of our favorite spots, Amélie, […]

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Popbar (did someone say hot chocolate on a stick?)

July 28, 2013

By Bilal Mohammad Every year, usually sometime at the end of July and the beginning of August, the magical excitement that the summer brings, with its promise of warm weather and carefree days, wears off and I begin to long for the nippy days of autumn and winter. I love walking outside without having to […]

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Lunch at Cafe Mogador

June 25, 2012

By Bilal Mohammad If you need to take a quick vacation, but you only have a lunch break to spare…then Café Mogador, located in the East Village, is the spot for you. When I walked into the Moroccan restaurant, I was drawn to the authentic design of the place. A quaint terrace, rustic wall treatments, […]

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Cafeteria in Chelsea

January 1, 2012

By Bilal Mohammad On Christmas Day recently, my sisters and I lunched at Cafeteria in Chelsea. Our friends only had to rave to us about the delectable macaroni and cheese, and we were already calling to make reservations. Upon arrival, we weren’t extremely impressed with the façade (I think they’re in the midst of some […]