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Latest: Interview with Allegiant’s Theo James

March 24, 2016

I got to sit down with Theo James and grill him about his grooming habits…of course, he’s adorable about them. Check out the interview here!

PHOTO by: Patrick Lewis/courtesy Starpix

PHOTO by: Patrick Lewis/courtesy Starpix

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Styling Bonobos Menswear Fall Pieces for women

October 3, 2014

Menswear line Bonobos just came out with their Fall suit collection, and gave me the fun task to take some of their pieces to style for women. I love adding a men’s piece to an outfit — big watches, oversized button-ups…I may even be guilty of wearing cologne sometimes (what? NO ONE has heard of Burberry Touch?). Anyway, thought it might be fun to try something out of the norm here and see what I could come up with.

Bonobos Fall 2014 collection

First, floral pants adds a feminine twist to a formal tuxedo blazer. Throw in a fun nailpolish shade to brighten up dull days:

Look 1

Bonobos Tuxedo Blazer (new!), $460 (similar here) / Zara linen t-shirt, $19.90 / Anthropologie Neoprene floral pants, $138 / Zara Leather Court Shoes, $99.90 / Gigi New York White Uber Clutch, $145 / Essie nailpolish in I’m Addicted, $8 / ShahThreads Hamsa necklace, $20

I love simple streamlined looks so I paired this plaid navy/green blazer with a plain jersey top and skinny jeans. The blue strappy heels play off the blue in the blazer and the look is finished with turned up lips (Ruby Woo is my favorite red):

Look 2

Bonobos Capstone Slim Tuxedo Blazer, $695 / Splendid Very Light Jersey Tee, $48 / J. Brand Low-Rise Skinny Leg, $218 / Ray-Ban Flash Lenses, $170 / BCBG Harlow Envelope Clutch, $88 / Pierre Hardy Mucha Kid Suede Pumps, $423 / Bauble Bar Zodiac Constellation Pendant Necklace, $38 / M.A.C. Lipstick in Ruby Woo, $19

I had a little more fun with their gray tweed blazer, matching it with black tweed shorts (add black tights on cooler days), and a grungy heel to toughen it up. A statement necklace like the one from Dannijo pulls it together:

Look 3

Bonobos Nottingham Tweed Blazer, $398 / Madewell Silk Spotlight Shirt in Deep Plaid, $118 / Rag & Bone Em Speckled Tweed Shorts, $350 / Dannijo Lilith necklace, $488 / Rag & Bone Classic Newbury Leather Ankle Boots, $525

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Men-Days: ShaveTech USB travel shaver

December 9, 2013

I feel like I’m in serious hibernation mode this month. So apologies in advance for slowing down the posts but there is still so much to cover :). Since I started my Men-Days column, I’ve realized there about 3 billion ways men can shave. Who knew? We get like, one. Anyway, as soon as I came across ShaveTech, I thought it would make a cool gift for a guy on-the-go. It’s a USB-powered portable electric shaver. The ultra-slim design pretty much makes it looks like a smartphone and easy to slip in a luggage, briefcase…I dunno, pocket?

ShaveTech shavers

If your guy cares about design as much as function, check this out! It comes in the sleek illustrous black, or fresh white. Guess, just guess how much it costs (hint: it’s under $50). It looks way more expensive than the $30 it’ll cost, especially for the quality. The USB charging function is also convenient so you don’t need to worry about a separate overseas adapter for it — just a charged comp :). Just keep in mind, without a trimming function, best for those who prefer clean shaven over your beard-and-moustache folk.

ShaveTech is available to purchase at for $30. PS, order by December 13th so it makes it in time for the holidays!

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Men Days: An excitingly classy (and affordable!) grooming Kit from Harry’s

October 28, 2013

Last month, I was searching for another men’s product for this very column and somehow landed on Harry’s. How I never knew about this company is beyond me, but I’m obsessed with these razors and gift kit. I always find that if you want to get a shaving kit, you’re left with few options. There’s the Gillette drugstore option, or the much more high end The Art of Shaving — both which can make excellent gifts but Harry’s falls somewhere in the middle. You get the luxury of beautiful craftmanship at an unbelievable price.

Harry's FW13 collection

The Truman Set

The company relies on German engineering to mold steel into razors for high end barbers throughout Europe.The Truman Set comes with their sleek Truman zinc alloy handle, three blades, a tube of shave cream (with coconut and marula oils), and a handy little Shave Guide.

The sophisticated Harry's set box

Truman handle

The razor

Blade box

Extra razors

Shave Cream

Co-founded by Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeff Raider (co-founder of Warby Parker), the brand’s mantra is ‘a great shave at a fair price.’ Even considering what might be “fair” for all you’re getting in this kit, I’d still guess this kit would be upwards of $80. It’s hard to believe that you can get the whole set for only $15. The Winston Set with a chrome handle runs a cool $25.

The Winston Set

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Men Days: A very imporant topic. Deodorant.

October 7, 2013

Your best game killer: pit stains. Or B.O. Or pit stains with B.O. Blekh. I get it, you guys do the quick scan thing when you’re at the store. I also realize men never like to let on that they’re sensitive (skin or otherwise). Recently, one of my guy friends complained to me that deodorants either irritated his skin or wasn’t strong enough. And the ones that were also left him with white streaks on his shirts. Here are some of the better ones I’ve found:

1) Dove Men+Care Extra Fresh Non Irritant Deodorant
(drugstores, $5)

Dove Men Care Extra Fresh deodorant

Given that it’s a Dove product, you can imagine it’s gentle on the skin. It not only provides 48 hours of protection, it also comes in a clear gel form so it won’t leave those pesky white marks on your shirts. If you’re on the sensitive side, try this one (it’s 1/4 moisturizer).

2) Degree Men Antiperspirant Sport Aerosol (drugstores, $5)

Degree Dry Protection Aerosol spray

My apartment swears by Degree spray deodorants, and the men’s formula is just as great. Not only does it have a pleasant smell (lemon, bergamot orange, and musk), it’s tough on sweat. While it’s not made of a clear formula, it’s a little more forgiving than solid deodorant sticks. And if you’re the type who is regularly playing sports or working out, it might give you the extra 24-hour protection you need.

What other deodorants do you use/love?

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Men-Days: Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers gift set

September 23, 2013

It’s not easy getting a gift for a guy frand. What are you going to do if they hate the sweater? Do they even wear cuff links? How many jerseys can they possibly own? Is a watch too much? Is a tie too lame? You guys need to start giving us answers. In the mean time, let’s focus on the grooming stuff they may never think to buy for themselves, yes? I recently visited Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers on the east side in midtown — a grooming lounge/glorified man cave, replete with a fully-stocked bar and flat screens reserved mainly for games and the news; larger-than-average booths that gives him plenty of space to stretch out for a haircut or shave; and an even more private area downstairs for massages and pedicures. Men should need to take care of their feet too (Truth). So idea #1: get him a gift card and let him indulge in all that is Man.

Inside Truman's Gentlemen's Groomers in midtown

In case he doesn’t live in NY, the grooming experts themselves did come out with a product line which they sell in this handy dandy Truman’s Product Bundle.

Truman's Product Bundle, $48

It contains the lounge’s signature shave cream (aka The Protector with essential oils like macadamia and safflower…although he doesn’t need to know that), shampoo (aka The Cleaner, a two-in-one shampoo because I have this strange feeling that guys don’t appreciate conditioner the way we do), and hair control paste (aka The Finisher, which also follows a very easy-to-follow OneTwoPump packaging: “helps the man use just the right amount, every time. Half pump for thinning hair, one pump for full, and two pumps for coarse/unruly hair”). With names like The Protector and The Finisher, it may possibly the most alpha-lookin’ products in their bathroom, too.

Truman’s Product Bundle is available to purchase at for $48.

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