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Shout out to charity sponsors: Profound Aesthetics, A Peace Treaty, Sol Republic, Davio’s, more

July 20, 2014

I was recently tasked with heading up an auction for an upcoming ICNYU fundraising dinner which benefits the NJ-based SMILE charity, specifically towards their Women’s Fund which helps assist women going through extreme hardships like domestic violence. Everyone has been working tirelessly to organize fun and creative ways to raise money leading up to the dinner this Tuesday. In a very short amount of time, it was amazing seeing so many people come together and dedicate themselves towards such a great and needed cause.

Putting the auction together was a bit daunting because I never organized one before. I knew I wanted to include items and experience packages people would really be excited about and decided my starting point should be brands I really love myself. I was blown away by the response — every single brand I reached out agreed to donate something. It was really inspiring to see how people band together and want to help for a good cause. I wanted to showcase those items here, not only because they are seriously awesome but because the sponsors deserve a little more attention for stepping up as do-gooders. People have already started bidding on the items (which you still can by emailing your bid by tonight to, but all of them will also be continued to be bid upon at the actual sold-out event on July 22nd!


Donated items from Profound Co

1. Scriptures Tee
2. Signature Script Snap-Back in Red
3. Natural Wood Wrislet
4. The Rest is History Tee


Donated items from A Peace Treaty

1. Gold-plated Hapi Earrings
2. Gold-plated Moasi necklace




1. DECK Wireless Speaker
2. RELAYS In-Ear Headphones


Donated item from Savvystuff

Armor Necklace from SavvyStuff



A $100 Gift Card to Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse in NYC


4 Elements of a Perfect Shave Full Size Kit in Ocean Kelp




1. “The Refresher” package at Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers Lounge in Midtown. Includes signature straight-edge shave, handshake maintenance (manicure), shoe shine, hair wash and scalp massage.
2. Truman’s Product Bundle. Includes Protector Shave Cream, Cleaner Shampoo, and Finisher Control Paste.



10-pack fitness classes at Exhale Spa



Gift bag from NYX Cosmetics



$50 Gift Card to Honest Chops in the East Village



$50 Gift Card to Edible Arrangements in Midtown

Thanks again to all the brands who’ve agreed to donate. You are helping hundreds and hopefully thousands of women lead a better life.

Note: If you’d like to bid on any of these items, please email Anyone can bid, but it has to be picked up locally in NYC if you win (this is only because 100% of the profits will go to SMILE — we aren’t using any of the money for tickets or auction items to go towards overhead costs).

Special shout out to Lara Eurdolian of, a good friend and my hero woman, who was instrumental in donating bags for LeSportSac and putting me in touch with some of the brands. She’s the best, for real!

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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October 3, 2013

There are so many brands supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I’ll be sure to share some of those products that help towards benefiting cancer research as I come across them. For starters, for every purchase of Shisiedo Lacquer Rouge in Diva (see it on my lips here…the colors are awesome), the brand will donate $5 to Cancer and Careers. Here’s some more info on BCA month and more:


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CHARITY - Inspiration of the Day - interviews

Steve Nash talks charity Showdown soccer game coming to NY and LA — and hair

June 12, 2013

So all of you know by now I have a healthy obsession with basketball, correct? Even more excited to tell you where basketball and soccer meets this summer for a good cause…

Steve Nash talks about his annual charity soccer event, Showdown

While some NBA players are using their off-season getting tatt’ed up, Los Angeles Lakers’ guard Steve Nash will be doing what he does best – assisting others (couldn’t help it). This time though, it’s on the field…soccer field, that is. Returning to New York for his sixth annual Showdown charity soccer event on the lower east side on June 26th, Nash said he’s “thrilled” to expand the event by holding a second event in his new home, LA (a mile away from the Staples Center, no less) on July 14th. “Soccer was my first love,” Nash said from LA in a phone interview. “My parents are British. I grew up in a soccer household. My first word was goal.”

NBA players and international soccer players will be joining him in the free and open-to-the-public event to benefit the Steve Nash Foundation which helps underserved children in health, development, and education. “This is really bringing together three of my greatest passions,” Nash said. “Helping children from my foundation; playing soccer, which is the highlight of my summer; and finally bringing it to two great cities is just fantastic.”

Steve Nash showing off his moves on the field

While he was tight-lipped on which athletes we can expect on the field this year (although in the past Tony Parker, Jason Kidd, Chris Bosh and Grant Hill have all participated), I was wondering if we can expect to see Nash actually playing after ending his basketball season with a few injuries. To that, he said, “I’m fighting everyday to get back to 100 percent. I’m still rehab-ing, but I absolutely plan on playing — with a few weeks left, I should be good to go.”

Tony Parker and other professional NBA players participate in Nash's Showdown event in NYC

He was game for more questions about the event…and his hair:

How’s your soccer game like compared to your basketball game?

Steve Nash: One of my former teammates who’s playing in Showdown this year says I play soccer exactly the way I play basketball – I love to pass and be a play maker but I’m not afraid to shoot if I have the opportunity.

You have a very European soccer-esque new hair cut going on now — do you think it’ll help your game?
Maybe my haircut is getting more credit than it deserves, but I’ll take it! Hopefully the rehab will payoff more.

If your Lakers’ teammate Dwight Howard were to play, what position would you put him in?
I think Dwight would be best in goal, but maybe he can surprise me on the field a little bit.

If you want to attend, here are the details
WHEN: Wednesday, June 26th, 6:30 pm
WHERE: SHOWDOWN: SARA D. ROOSEVELT PARK located at Chrystie & Stanton in New York City
SHOWDOWN AFTER HOURS: Penny Farthing 103 3rd Avenue (corner of 3rd Ave & 13th St)

Showdown LA kicks off at 6:30pm on Sunday, July 14th, at Red Shield Community Center (West 11th Street between Valencia and South Union in downtown Los Angeles), followed by Showdown After Hours, held at 9pm at LA Live’s Target Terrace. Check out for more info!

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Love With Food – Gourmet Bites for a cause

April 15, 2013

You know how Birchbox delivers monthly luxe beauty samples (of which you have the option of buying the full sized items on their site if you can’t live without)? Well, Love With Food is a similar idea only with food and a feel-good edge. You pay $10 a month to get a curated selection of gourmet bites, and for every box you get, a meal is donated to a hungry child. Totally brilliant.

Love With Food


If you realize that you devoured some of the snacks a little too fast, you can buy the full-sized versions on Love With Food’s website for a discounted price (and free shipping). There’s a new theme every month, so for example, this month’s was Classics with a Twist which included:

Classics with a Twist snacks

Kids 50 Fruit & Veggie Juice – apple, carrot, and acerola berry juices with 50% less calories
Ola! Foods Granola – oats, pure vanilla, and maple syrup
Chocwasabi Chocolate Covered Wasabi
Cosmos Creations Salted Caramel Baked Corn
Revolution Tea Green Tea – an antioxidant-rich green tea with acai
Mary’s Gone Crackers – organic, vegan, and gluten-free crunch snacks made with whole grains
Wacky Apple Wild Berry Flat Fruit – Organic apple and blackberries mashed into fruit leather
Emily’s Chocolates Dark Chocolate Orange Good Fortune Cookie, which provides you fortunes like so:


The more you purchase from their site and feedback you leave on items you’ve tasted, the more points you rack up towards free food. ALSO, if you’re feeling extra generous, you have the option to gift a friend with an 8-month subscription, and the same rule applies — for every box they get, a child in need also gets a meal donated. Wins all around.

Check them out at

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Thaakat Love Campaign: A better way to show you care

February 14, 2013


This Valentines’ Day, donate to the L.O.V.E campaign in honor of a loved one! Thaakat Foundation’s L.O.V.E. Campaign aims to bring awareness to the increasing instance of violence against women worldwide. It is estimated that 1 in 4 women will experience violent abuse in their lifetime. There are three different levels of donation:

1) For a donation under $25, an e-card will be sent to your loved one.

2) For a donation of $25-99, an actual card will be MAILED to your loved one.

3) For anything more, a card AND a “#breakthesilence” shirt will be mailed to your loved one.

Not only will you wow her with your “out of the box” idea, but 100% proceeds of this campaign will be donated to Wafa House, an organization that is dedicated to strengthening the family unit. A majority of their work is dedicated towards directly assisting women and children victims of domestic violence. DONATE NOW HERE!

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Birthday beginnings…

January 15, 2013

I’m so sorry for the dead air on here. First it was the holidays, then I fell deathly sick with the flu (it got me bad) and after being away for so long, it’s so hard to figure out where to begin. I felt like my birthday might be most appropriate :).

First, thank you all for the tweets, texts, calls, fb messages on my birthday. I’m always overwhelmed and so touched by the people who reach out and make the day more special. Whereas last year, I had similar reflections but felt like I embraced my birthday in a very different way, I wanted to make this one count in a more selfless way. On a serious note, there was so much negativity going on in this world towards the end of the year — the shootings, the rapes, the violence — that I started reflecting on how I can do something on my birthday to ‘give back’ in whatever little way. Mostly because I was feeling grateful…when normally it’s so easy to get caught up in what’s not going right to ignore all that you have, I was feeling spoiled. There are so many tremendous people in my life, all thanks to God…this was a time I didn’t want to lose sight of all of those things.

A couple weeks before my birthday, I came up with an idea to use my wall of the normal ‘happy birthday’ facebook posts and translate that to how much I’d donate to charity. It’s a small gesture, but the point was every single person is in my life for a reason and every single person i come across inspires me in some way. I wanted some sort of measured way to show how grateful I am. And quite simply, fb was just the easiest place to track where people come together so that’s why I decided to go that route.

1:Face Watch for Cancer

Anyway, I started researching charities to donate to and was overwhelmed. What makes once cause more significant than the other? I know there’s no answer to that, but maybe there was a way to donate to several causes. I put out that thought on Twitter, and I was pointed to 1:Face Watch by my friend Mufti. I thought it was a really cool concept: you can buy their watches and based on the color you purchase, you are donating to a specific cause: Hunger, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Environment, Water.

I decided this could work in two folds: I buy a bunch of watches to help these causes, and then distribute the watches to friends to help raise awareness for each. But I’m also wondering if it’s better to donate directly to a charity instead. Or do half and half? Either way, I’d love to get some feedback on what you think would be the most effective way to give back, or even a charity you think would be a good place to donate to.

Thanks so much for your help, and again, thanks for making this birthday so special :).

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