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Recipe: Seared scallops with vegetables

September 4, 2015

I’m the person who runs at the gym while watching the Food Network, and during my down time at work (when not testing lipstick swatches), I’m reading articles on food. I came across one about how to sear scallops the right way, and I became enticed by the idea of trying it myself.

My seared scallops!

My seared scallops!

I realized it’s not difficult at all when prepped the right way. A few things I learned:

1) Make sure to buy DRY scallops as opposed to wet ones. The quality is better and it’s easier to cook. Wet scallops are treated with sodium tripolyphosphate (STP), I learned which makes it difficult to sear because it absorbs so much moisture. A lot of grocery stores serve them this way. DRY scallops are a little more expensive, but more fresh and have a better flavor. Dry ones are more fleshy and translucent compared to wet ones, which look opaque, pale, or white.

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Recipe: Seafood Ceviche with Kiwifruit

March 4, 2013

A while back, I was collecting recipes from winning teams of an Iron Chef competition I helped judge where the secret ingredient all the teams had to use was kiwi. Here’s another recipe of a dish I loved: Seafood Ceviche with Kiwifruit, with sides of spiced plantain chips, chili popcorn, and corn on the cob with Kiwifruit-Jalapeno relish. Following is a little more about the delicious dish from the team:

Seafood Ceviche with Kiwifruit

Ceviche is a common seafood dish that is native to many south and Central American countries. Seafood is marinated in a tangy citrusy juice, and the seafood cooks in the acidity of the juice. The kiwi was integrated in the citrus juice mix and also diced in as a component in the ceviche for a unique crunch.

Seafood Ceviche with Kiwifruit
(Recipe courtesy of Maryum Khwaja, Muhammad Umer Alam, and Mahjabeen Raza)
Preparation time: 1 hour to prepare, with 5-6 hours to refrigerate and let sit seafood.
Expertise required: This is an easy recipe, no stove required.
Served: About 50 people had a cup each.


• 3 pounds of fresh, deboned, thinly sliced firm fish. We used Flounder, but traditionally red snapper is used for Spanish Ceviche. Flounder worked really well. Cut into 1 inch cubes, or ask the fishmonger and he/she will dice it to perfection.
• 3 pounds of fresh, cleaned (with tails on) medium sized shrimp. We chose to keep the shrimp whole, but shredded or chopped shrimp is fine too.
• 8 cups of fresh orange juice (with pulp)
• 3 cups of fresh lemon juice
• 3 cups of fresh lime juice
• 1 cup of white vinegar
• 5 pounds of Kiwifruit 4 lbs- peeled and diced , 1 lb mashed (for citrus juice)
• 2-3 Kiwifruit – peeled and sliced, for garnishing on top of the Ceviche
• 4 medium onions – diced
• 4 medium tomatoes – diced
• 1 bunch of fresh cilantro – finely chopped
• 1 medium bottle of Aji-Amarillo pepper paste
• 1 can of Aji-Amarillo peppers – diced
• Kosher salt – to taste


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Smooth sailing with Veet at Lure Fishbar

July 20, 2011

Yesterday, Veet (the “world’s number one depilatory brand) invited an intimate group of bloggers to learn about some of their launches over a tasty dinner at Lure Fishbar in SoHo.

Veet gel cream

Coincidentally, I just tried their Fast Acting Gel Cream which comes in the most convenient pump, a few days before. I bought it a while ago, but never gotten around to using it, and besides working extra fast (3 minutes!), the thing I appreciated the most was its smell — or lack of it rather. Depilatories can smell pretty…pungent? I used one from another brand previous to this and the whole bathroom was left smelling like chemicals. But these have a more discreet rose scent that left no trace of a hair removal cream at work. I also found out that they have a pretty cool In Shower Cream that’s water resistant so you won’t have to worry about it washing away before it does its thing. If you’re into waxing though, they JUST launched Ready-to-Use wax strips that works on hair as short as 2mm and lasts up to four weeks.

Beauty products and feasting

We also learned a few hair removal facts:

*The average woman spends 30 minutes/week removing pesky body hair
*Aside from weight gain, women feel hairy legs are the things that makes them feel the MOST unattractive
*Two-thirds of women postponed “getting intimate” w/ someone because they weren’t smooth
*Almost 48% of women have gone longer than 2 weeks without shaving their legs
*More women would rather go to the beach 5 pounds heavier than to have a visibly hairy bikini line

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Tatsu Sushi Bar in Chicago

March 4, 2011

Fried calamari

As some of you may know, I’m not big on sushi. I don’t hate it, I will occasionally order it…I’m just not a big sushi buff. I’ve definitely had good sushi before, but I guess my ambivalence makes sense because I’m generally not very big on seafood. But here’s the other thing about sushi– it’s like eight bites. Some people can get full on eight bites, and others are…like me? Anyway, I just don’t really have ‘sushi cravings’ or whatever. I tried to explain to this to my sister who LOVES sushi.

“SO…you don’t like sushi?”
“No, it’s not that I don’t like it…I just never crave it.”
“SO…you don’t like sushi?”

She can do this for hours. I think she eventually went on this “Let me convince Shyema to like sushi” thing because the last time I was in Chicago, she said once I eat Tatsu, I’ll have a different opinion. And when you go to Tatsu, apparently the thing to order is the crispy shrimp.

Crispy Shrimp sushi

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Stuffed Mussels in Istanbul

November 6, 2010

Most people know I’m not really big on seafood. The thing is, I want to like it, so I’ll always give it a try. Throughout Istanbul, there are street vendors selling stuffed mussels, which never looked particularly appetizing to me. I was a bit horrified when my sister told me she was craving when we passed them by one night. It just seemed like an odd thing to be sold off the street.

Mussel Stand in Turkey

Her roommate later told me I had to try it when she brought a bag of it home. I figured, they’re being sold all over the place for a reason and I should at least try it. It’s mixed with rice, and you use one side of the shell to scoop it out of the other. They also give you a fresh lemon so you can squeeze the juice over it.

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