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Royal Orchid: Thai food at Dubai Marina

Sometimes I find food pictures from so long ago, I can’t remember which dish is which. The good thing about the food from The Royal Orchid in Dubai was every plate was really tasty, so that should speak for something! It was also my first meal off the plane in Dubai. You guys should kind of already know about my food experiences here. They have some great mint hookah and tea right outside at Chandelier. The best ever actually.

Couldn’t ask for a better start to my vacation.


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Sad meal at Cafetasia

It’s weird how sometimes a place can be really good, and totally bomb the next time. Such was the case at Cafetasia a couple days ago.

The decor and long tables make it nice for big groups, and I love the original menu idea: plates are broken down by size, XS, S, M, L, XL, so depending on your mood and appetite, you can get a meal to match.

My friend Melissa and I went for the Crispy Duck and Apple Salad, Thai ‘Mieng Coconut Wraps, and Sae-Tai Chicken. FAIL.

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Smile Thai & Peter Bjorn and John.

I was SO excited on Friday to see one of my favorite bands, Peter Bjorn and John, perform in Philly at World Cafe Live. Before the show, we stopped to have some thai grub. It’s called Smile Cafe, a quaint and super quiet restaurant right near the venue which turned out to have the perfect-sized portions.

smile thai 1

smile cafe 2

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