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  1. Marina Gafanovich


    To introduce myself, I am a New York-based physician running my own
    Internal Medicine and medical aesthetics practice.
    I am also a frequent media contributor frequently appear on CNN, Wired,
    Forbes, Huffington Post, Bloomberg, and dozens of other channels.
    I also have my own columns on a few medical sites. I’d be more than
    happy to contribute exclusive materials to more online media and also
    expose my team
    of researchers, designers, and data miners for our potential

    I have a few exclusive articles about Healthy lifestyle, SkinCare, beauty
    on general And of course, as any woman I have a few favorite recipes ))

    If you like, I can send you more of such materials.

    You can find my another publication in my blog – http://rejuvenyc.com/blog

    I am also open for collaboration on stories for my columns on HuffPost
    and Entrepreneur. So, if you have any interesting ideas do not hesitate
    to let me know.
    I will make sure to provide a link back as a reference.


    Dr. Marina Gafanovich, MD
    1550 York Ave
    New York, NY 10028
    (212) 518-4529

  2. Jaime

    Dear Shyema,

    We are a manufacturer specializing on the making of our line of teasing tools teeze w/ eez. We are reaching out because we would like to send a set of samples for your review with the hopes of being feature in your website and allure.

    I have enclosed our website bellow. Please send us your shipping address.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Jaime Ramirez

  3. Robin Rogers

    I work at Bluprint PR, and we are currently updating our contact list, do you mind sharing your email so we can add you?


  4. Alyssa Rotunno


    The Aveda team is updating our database in preparation for sending out a mailer. Can you please share your preferred shipping address?

    Thank you!


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