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Check your drink personality with

By Nicci Jordan Hubert

Most of us are not true wine snobs. Sure, when we’re offered the sample at a restaurant, we act informed and give the server an authoritative nod of approval. But what we’re really thinking is, “Tastes like wine to me!” We just want the server to pour the drink so we can get the party started.


That’s the beautiful thing about, a new retail wine club and website to help you establish your wine personality. It’s educational, but not snobby, and it doesn’t presume you’re already an expert. It’s acknowledging that most of us are not wine snobs, just casual wine drinkers who, while we may know that we prefer malbecs over cabernets, don’t know much beyond that. “This club is the brainchild of a trio of knowledgeable, friendly…sommeliers (or “Wine Addicts” as they like to be called),” they say, which provides “access to a whole bunch of impressive and uncommon juice.

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