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My 9 latest products discoveries-slash-obsessions

Whether it’s keeping hydrated or fighting the frizz, these 9 products have been helping me get through my summer so far:


Aquafina FlavorSplash Lip Balms

Aquafina, better known for their bottled water, is working hydration from the outside-in. I suffer from constantly-chapped-lips syndrome (*not a real condition, but that’s besides the point). These FlavorSplash balms have a fresh, light flavor, and keep my lips full and smooth with its jojoba and almond oils (especially important if I know I’m going to be wearing matte lipstick later on…these have definitely come to the rescue). And they’re so tiny, they literally fit in my pocket. I take one of these wherever I go. Comes in Original, Raspberry, Wild Berry, and Citrus Blend.

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