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Spotted: Minx nails at Bliss

I went to Bliss 49 yesterday for a manicure, and spotted the receptionist sporting these nails:

She was nice enough to let me take a pic — they do Minx at Bliss too! This design looked REALLY cool. What do you think?


Blackberry Bling

This made me laugh.

Fellow beauty writer, Andrea Arterbery, explained to me that the reason she painted all her nails black except for the thumbs (which she chose a metallic silver for) was because that’s her ‘blackberry bling.’ Had to take a pic with my phone:

While she’s clicking away on her blackberry, her silver thumbs stand out.

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Vintage nail polish colors

At least that’s how I like to describe Sabeen’s latest nail experimentation.

sabeen green taupe

We recently went to Urban Outfitters and found a line of nail polish with some really interesting variation of colors — grays, neon yellow, brown, greens etc. They didn’t have a brand name and each shade was only assigned a number. The only place I could find anything on it was this Canadian blog.

Urban Outfitters nail polish Credit:

Urban Outfitters nail polish Credit:

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And today, my nails are…

KO's "Powder", $22

White. I used the KO nailpolish in Powder, the same brand as the black polish I used on my nails earlier, so it has that similar matte finish. I noticed that white is a lot less forgiving than black, so you have to be careful of streaks and will look best on manicured nails…not that I took heed.

I’ve done white a longgg time ago when I was just a middle school youngin and my dad thought it was really weird. I actually saw Heidi Montag (barf) wearing it on The Hills last season, and it made me miss it. Found a pic of her with the white nails but I also think it looks a lot better on shorter nails like Scarlet Johansson‘s below:

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Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs loves this paint

Karen O's favorite polish

Karen O's favorite polish

OMG. I love these matte nail polishes Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs is sporting [total sidenote: check out their new single “Zero”their album It’s Blitz! was just released yesterday!].

Anyway, back to beauty: the polish ($22) is from KO (and no, that doesn’t stand for our leading lady’s name — it’s actually Knock Out, and from makeup artist Mike Potter). I don’t think I’ve honestly ever seen a matte polish but I really like. Their black can look a little gothy, white is more funky, and the pink looks sweet. I haven’t tried the red yet, but I love how it looks on the site — it reminds me of cherry-dipped Mister Softee ice cream.

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I’m obsessed with this nail color!

Okay so I’m a little behind the times, because this was all over the runways last fall, but I’ve recently been on the hunt for the perfect gray nail polish after being inspired by Petra Guglielmetti’s post on the Glamour blog. I made a trip to a local Rite Aid and was disappointed that I couldn’t find a single solid color of gray, and instead kept running into variants of silvers and glitter.

But I think I found something better. A couple days ago, I went to visit Carlos Lobo Salon in midtown and thought I was out of luck again, when I eyed this beautiful shade called Body Language by Essie. It’s more of a dove-colored polish, but has this gorgeous hint of a gray-lavender to it that’s just neutral enough to give off a sophisticated vibe at the office, but still funky enough for a change. I can’t stop looking at my nails!

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