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Scarlatto in Times Square

Scarlatto in Times Square

Inside Scarlatto

A good restaurant in Times Square is almost an anomaly. If I need to find something near midtown, I’ll usually resort to something down 9th Avenue in Hell’s Kitchen. When I was trying to find a place to meet my friend Sheryl, I thought I’d hunt for something that would be close to her work and my apartment. I have an ongoing list of restaurants I keep handy that I haven’t been to, but none of them fell in midtown. So I began scouring restaurants on, and came across Scarlatto, and Italian restaurant on 47th, near Broadway. The prices were surprisingly decent for the area, so I was already suspicious. I went over to Yelp and checked out some pictures and decided it was worth a try.

Fried Calamari With Crispy Zucchini, $9

It has a cozy, pleasant interior that’s somewhere midway between being formal with their decked-out-in-white tables, but still casual with large framed prints of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. We started with the fried calamari and crispy zucchini. I’ve had better calamari, and the zucchini tasted like chips but combination was still satisfying, and helped to appease our ravenous appetite right then.

Fettuccine Ai Funghi, $14

Ravioli Di Zucca, $12

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Update: Olive-Mint Pesto Meatballs with Fettuccine

The recipe Eugenia used from Food & Wine:

Olive-Mint Pesto Meatballs with Fettuccine

She said she substituted cilantro lime pesto for the olive mint in her recipe for a personalized touch.

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