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Jeannie Mai, host of Style Network’s How Do I Look? talks fashion, food, and beauty

April 8, 2011

Me with the fabulous Jeannie Mai!

Jeannie Mai is a woman after my own heart. The half-Vietnamese half-Chinese beauty started in the biz as a makeup artist for Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera where it wasn’t long people started to take notice of her spunk and style. The dazzling fashionista now hosts the Style Network’s How Do I Look?. And PS, she’s the ultimate foodie!

Jeannie Mai

I had the pleasure to meet her for breakfast along with many other wonderful bloggers yesterday in Times Square at the Renaissance Hotel’s fab R Lounge. Can I just say, Jeannie seriously lights up a room. From the moment she walked in, her presence, friendliness, and positive energy was the most infectious (and refreshing) thing ever. While all eyes were on her as she waltzed in wearing a white cotton shirt from The Limited (one of her faves), sparkly black harem PRPS pants, Guess by Marciano shoes, and jewelry from Lia Sophia and Forever21, her focus was on everyone else. No, seriously.

The Renassaince Hotel R Lounge

She gave equal attention to everyone in attendance, generously complimenting everyone on their outfits and accessories, then started answering questions. Of course, being a fellow makeup and food aficionado, I had to grab her for a few questions myself (and yes, I asked about her trademark blue hair!):

See our post on Macondo, Jeannie’s favorite restaurant :)

Jeannie's faboosh nails

Here’s another video of her telling her inspiring story…

More interesting facts I learned about Jeannie:

Food inspires her like woah. While people get their fashion inspiration from art, music, people, Mai swears her inspiration comes from food. She meets with chefs frequently and takes creative cues from the presentation on the dishes, whether it’s colors, sauces, or the way it’s laid out. She even told us a story of how she gave a tiramisu cake, with chocolate and white lacey designs, and played on the same idea in a lacey pencil skirt and chocolate brown outfit. Everyone loved the cake but they really loved her fashion sense!

The adorable Jeannie Mai

Three questions she asks people on the show to help her make them over without having them lose their style: (1) What part of your body do you love? (2) What’s a childhood story that you look back fondly at? (3) Name a celebrity, icon, friend, or person in your life whom you admire? All of these give her clues to the psyche of the person and a sense of their taste.

Two indie brands she’s really feeling right now: United Nude shoes and Victoria Roe.

Three words she would use to describe herself and her brand: Empower, bright, and thankful.

Ten things about this “foodiva” you HAVE to know: (1) she would rather wear last season’s Louboutins than be caught dead in a chain food store; (2) believes Sriracha can be more healing that holy water; (3) will remove friends from Facebook if they order their steak well done; (4) dreams of one day touring in a food truck…with hydraulics; (5) has converted eight vegans into loving sauteed foie gras; (6) hugs every chef she meets; (7) is addicted to internet food porn; (8) prays before every single meal; (9) has a crush on Alton Brown; (10) believes good food can silence rowdy children, mend any broken heart, and end all wars. AMEN.

Can you understand now why I love this woman so much?? Jeannie, thank you SO much for your time and advice. Loved speaking with you!

You can watch Jeannie Mai every Saturdays on “How Do I Look?” at 8PM AND 11PM EST on the Style Network. She also shares her tips and trick on her official blog, iheartjeanniemai.com.