Want to help give clean water to kids around the world?

Hi, fellow do-gooders: Just want to point out an easy way to help UNICEF’s Tap Project, an initiative to help raise money for projects that deliver clean water to children around the world. All you have to do is eat out at a delicious restaurant tonight and pay a dollar extra for your tap water.

Go to the Tap Project’s website to see which of the 2,300 restaurants participating are near you, enjoy good food, and just pay as little as $1 for the tap water you would normally get for free (or more, if you’re feeling extra generous). According to UNICEF, a dollar provides enough clean water for 40 children, and tomorrow’s the last day to make your tummy and the kiddies happy, so start making plans now!

My friend Marie and I dined at a cozy Italian restaurant, Bread Tribeca, on Church and Walker last night, and had a 3-course prix fixe meal for just $25 each. Of course, that’s not counting how much we paid for our tap water.

For more info on the TAP Project, visit http://www.tapproject.org/.

Restaurant Info:
Bread Tribeca

301 Church St.
at Walker St.
212 334 0200

We both ordered the Orecchiette al Pesto Genoves (normally $16) above. I was a little apprehensive to order this because it’s easy to get bland with pesto sauce in pastas, but not only was it filling, the basil, olive oil, and seasoning ended up giving it a savory kick.

In the gallery: Roasted beet salad ($12) and two of the dessert choices with the prix fixe meal: assorted fall fruit (which was a bit tart), and chocolate and vanilla gelato.

They also have a pretty interesting cocktail list (non-alcoholic included)…must try next time.



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  1. marie wrote:

    Great site Shyema, and thanks for the TAP shoutout!!!!

    Posted 3.28.09

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