UV detecting bracelets = Genius

UV Sol Beads bracelets, $4.95
UV Sol Beads bracelets, $4.95
UV Sol Beads is a brand out to remind you when it’s time to cover up and slather on some extra sunscreen. Their bracelets (that can double as anklets or hair ties) have beads that start off white and change color as UV exposure increases.

Brownie points for having a portion of their proceeds benefit the Skin Cancer Foundation and without a crazy price tag: bracelets cost only $4.95.

Check out more of their bracelets and order at http://www.uvsolbeads.com/.



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  1. Does anyone know where I can get sterling silver fair trade jewelry?
    I am looking for a gift for my wife and want to buy some how to get rid of cellulite on thighs thats showen
    here that is responsibly produced- maybe fair trade certified. Any ideas?


    Posted 9.4.09

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