Kerrie Urban played with my hair and this is how it looked

c. Nicholas Routzen
c. Nicholas Routzen
The only reason I dare show you my hair whilst attempting to grow out my bangs is because I still loved that stylist Kerrie Urban, who I’ve mentioned earlier, literally took out a 1 1/2″ curling iron and gave me this wavy style (where you can barely tell I have any bangs at all with her blending technique) and in no more than 10 minutes.

“Loose, beachy waves are what’s in for summer,” she told me. “This style is great for all hair types because it can give limp hair body, or it can control thick hard to manage textured hair.”

She added that it’s important to make it not look “too done,” so she advises when you’re curling your hair, take larger sections and using only use the outside of the curling iron (read: don’t use the clamp!), just wrap your hair loosely around it.

I also asked her about growing out my once straight-across bangs (it’s seriously not easy!) and if she had any advice on how to blend it in with my hair (as she did for me here!):

“The best way to grow out a straight across bang style is to go to a side swept bang,”
she said. “For that you need your stylist to cut them to swoop to one side and thin them out a bit at the ends so they lay softer.

‘When blowdrying, use a flat brush like a Mason Pearson, and hold the brush vertically with the bang section on it and with your blowdryer and brush pull away from your face and down. The idea is to incorporate and blend the bangs into the rest of your hair. Once they get about chin length, you can have some face framing layers cut to blend and no one will ever know you had bangs!”

So yeah, I’m trying, TRYING, to be patient. Another quick fix since I’m not blowdrying my hair everyday is using a bobby pin to pin it up or to the side, or even making little twists in the hair. It’s all about experimenting! Perhaps this is a time to discover more sparkly hair accessories, yes?

Check out Kerrie’s website at — she’s done some amazing styles!



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  1. Sarah wrote:

    you look lovely!

    Posted 6.17.09
  2. sadia wrote:

    you lool beautifulll!!!!! =)

    Posted 6.17.09
  3. shyema wrote:

    you guys are too was all lighting effects and hair help 🙂

    Posted 6.17.09
  4. sidrah wrote:

    wow i loooove the hair..and your shirt/dress? not sure what it is. but love it! btw you have really pretty skin & smile!

    Posted 6.17.09
  5. shyema wrote:

    thanks sidrah! it’s a shirt haha, and I got my very natural makeup done by the lovely jennifer fleming, — yes it took a whole team to make me look even somewhat presentable, sigh

    Posted 6.17.09
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