Today’s ‘Why?’ Moment: Mustaches for girls.

I know I said I’m all about facial hair, but I totally meant that for guys. So why are “Stylish Mustaches for Girls” even in existence?

Stylish Mustaches for Girls, $7
Stylish Mustaches for Girls, $7

I love that they have a Bollywood ‘stache. Anyway, this is their reason, at least according to their website:

“Everyone loves a mustache, but why do boys get to have all the fun?

This set of seven stylish mustaches is made specifically to accentuate feminine features. Each furry lip ornament has adhesive backing and is made of synthetic hair in a girlish shade of pink.

Goes great with almost any outfit!”

Highly doubtful about that last sentiment.

I’m all for equal rights, but let’s leave facial hair to the guys, yeah? Just this once.




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  1. Yasmin wrote:

    I don’t need $7 dollars to have a nice thick mustache all on my own.

    In fact, that’s right about the price point needed to take it off. Good times. 😀

    Posted 6.29.09
  2. sidrah wrote:

    haha. i think all mustaches represent bollywood.

    and yeah, being desi and having dark hair..definitely gives us a natural mustache. a guy friend once walked in my apartment while i had a cream on to remove my upper lip (yes, i have no shame). he was so traumatized. do guys seriously think all girls are born hairless?

    Posted 6.29.09
  3. Some guy wrote:

    thanks i just threw up in my mouth

    Posted 6.29.09
  4. shyema wrote:

    hahahah nice point yasmin…sidrah, i think guys are better left in the dark. Some Guy — sorry.

    Posted 6.29.09
  5. aminah wrote:

    sorry, i’m late on this one — but LOL. that’s a negative. i don’t care how hipster, eclectic, progressive, whatever – mustaches are a no go. i’m becoming one with my sideburns though…

    Posted 7.1.09

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