A belated spring (beauty product) cleaning



I knew I was a product fiend, but this past weekend, I felt like I was at an all time low. I was cleaning out my room, and found boxes of beauty products I’ve bought and STILL haven’t gotten around to trying.

Among the mess, I found some oddities I just thought I’d share (in hopes that you can convince me that this is totally normal, that you do the same thing, and that you are, in fact, willing to share some of your own unused, borderline unrepeatable I-can’t-believe-I-own-these products as well. thanks).

*Clearing throat.*

Exhibit A: Peppermint foot cream.
First question: Why must foot cream be fragranced? And is a separate cream for feet necessary? OK, I’m not going to act like I’ve never used foot cream before going to bed hoping for miracles that didn’t happen (what? NY can really ruin your feet OK..and I really share way too much on here, don’t I?). Just not this one.

Exhibit B: Wine wipes.
I got this as part of a gift bag to that Spa Week event I went to last April. I’m guessing you use it to wipe your teeth with after you drink staining red wine.

Wine Wipes
Wine Wipes

Just think it’s funny that I own this even though I don’t drink. Any takers? I’m sure it can double for you coffee addicts as well.

Exhibit C: Spa Sister Bathing Gloves: “For Spa Smooth Skin”

Spa Sister Exfoliating Bathing Gloves
Spa Sister Exfoliating Bathing Gloves

To be fair, this was a gift sent to me, and I had every intention of using it since it seems like an easy way to exfoliate (and promises smooth, shiny skin). Though, I just had a random thought about how weird it might be to be wearing gloves in the shower. Ok sorry..next…

Exhibit D: Botanics Refreshing Foot and Leg Spritz

Botanics Refreshing Foot and Leg Spritz
Botanics Refreshing Foot and Leg Spritz

What? This is awesome. Yeah, so I picked this baby up at a giveaway a longgg time ago, and it’s one of those things I never think about but always use when I see it. When I spritz this on my legs, I think about how wonderful it feels — just like how a spray can of cool water might…

OK, Fine. It’s useless.

Anyone else?



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  1. sidrah wrote:

    maybe you can use the wine wipes after eating desi food since most desis blow up their food with turmeric. i hate that stuff. supposed to kill bacteria but who wants yellow teeth?!

    Posted 6.30.09
  2. priya wrote:

    speaking of exfoliation, nothing works as well as olive oil and sea salt. try it! actually, you should do a special on home beauty products and watch all the haldi/malai concoctions come out of the woodworks!

    Posted 6.30.09
  3. shyema wrote:

    wow you guys are creative, i like that i like…def want to try the olive oil, sea salt thing…sidrah, i just don’t see myself pulling it out after meals! haha i usually just chew gum.

    Posted 6.30.09

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