Dinner at Mud in the East Village


I love catch-up dinners. My friend Katie (aka Life Editor) and I just had a fabulous one at Mud (or “The Mudspot”) in the East Village. It was my first time at the small restaurant that spawned from the orange Mud Coffee Truck that frequents the Astor Place area downtown.

Apparently they have their own Secret Garden with a colored-glass canopy and lanterns. It’s very laidback with a good mix of music (Radiohead, and B.I.G. within minutes of each other). I got the Mud special blackened chicken panini with roasted peppers and garlic mayo on 5-grain bread with a side of salad. A simple, healthy meal.

Half chicken panini and salad, $5.95
Half chicken panini and salad, $5.95
up close
up close

Took me forever to finish it but I could barely breathe after. Since the place is known for its coffee, and Katie was raving about the chai latte, we ordered that and a vanilla latte. So good!

my big cup o' vanilla latte, $4
my big cup o' vanilla latte, $4

My latte got cold after my meal, so I just asked if I could get it warmed up, and the nice waiter gladly just made me whole new generous serving. I was a little giddy after (unwelcomed side effect: bouncing off the walls til 4 am on a week night). Should have thought about that before I downed my caffeine I guess.

Prices are so not bad. My meal was only the ‘half’ panini for $5.95 and I was stuffed! No guilt here.

Restaurant Info:

307 East 9th Street
btw 1st and 2nd Ave.
New York, NY 10003
East Village



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