Bridal Shower beauty gift ideas $50 or less

I think I’ve gone to my fair share of bridal showers and weddings this year! Here are some beauty gift ideas if you’re tired of buying another set of satin and lace:

Philosophy The Bride, $48
Philosophy The Bride, $48
  • Philosophy The Bride, $48 for a 5-piece set. I love that it’s packages in a nice reusable box, and has some of my favorites, including their best-selling Amazing Grace body lotion and Hope in a Jar moisturizer.
  • Kissaholic Kissing Kit, $26
    Kissaholic Kissing Kit, $26

    Kissaholic Kissing Kit, $26. This comes with an aphrodisiac-infused lip plumper (contains passion flower and Phenyl Ethylamine- also known as the ‘molecule of love’ according to the product description!), and a breath spray.

    Wedding Survival Kit, $44.95
    Wedding Survival Kit, $44.95

    Wedding Day Survival Kit, $44.95. Comes with 30 essentials, including clear nail polish, floss, hand lotion, hair brush, and breath mints.

    Scented candles
    Scented candles
  • Scented candles. For her much needed moments of peace:

    Bath & Body Works Signature Collection in Japanese Cherry Blossom or Warm Vanilla Sugar. $9.50

    Slatkin & Co. candle in Fresh Linen or Vanilla Coconut. $9.50

    (all the above are on sale for $6 now)

    Vie Luxe Tuileries Candle , White Tuberose, sensual Jasmine, aromatic Lavender, Geranium Petals & White Rose. $45.

  • Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Must-have Gift Bag, $30
    Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir Must-have Gift Bag, $30
  • Victoria’s Secret Sexy Little Things Set, $30. A fruity floral fragranced body mist, lotion, and pretty black and pink makeup bag.
  • Sephora Fragrance Sampler, $50
    Sephora Fragrance Sampler, $50
  • Sephora Brand Scent Sampler for her, $50. This is my favorite gift for any occasion really, since it’s so hard to pick a perfume out for someone else! This is a fun way for someone to pick out their own scent. You get 10 samples of Sephora’s best selling fragrances, and the bride can pick out her favorite and then used the enclosed voucher to get the full size fragrance at the store! It includes perfumes like Bulgari Omnia Crystalline, Marc Jacobs Daisy, Vera Wang Princess, and Givenchy Very Irresistable Sensual.
  • A spa/massage gift card. Goes without saying that she’s stressed out. Treat her to some pre-wedding pampering at your favorite spa.
  • Do you have any other bridal shower beauty gift ideas?



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    1. sidrah wrote:

      my favorite is the survival kit. so cute! i’m so over the typical lingerie or bath&body gift sets. most people end up re-gifting those kinda gifts.

      Posted 8.3.09
    2. Erica Sung wrote:

      yea i agree that the scent sampler is an amaaazing gift idea. i recently tried the philosophys hope in a jar and i had to return itt. cant stand that smell!! lolll

      Posted 8.3.09
    3. Summar wrote:

      this one is perfect timing…no looks of disappointment at these types of bridal shower gifts right? that was just the salt and pepper shaker? i don’t know why you are the authority on this all of a sudden 😉

      but seriously, i like the wedding survival kit. gotta have those mints…

      Posted 8.3.09
    4. Jill wrote:

      Shy, great list! I have a wedding coming up and would love to have any of these! Have you seen the Mojuba kit? It’s so pretty and has everything a bride could ever want… while it doesn’t fit on your under $50 list, it makes a great group gift from bridesmaids to the bride 🙂

      Posted 8.3.09
    5. Indeed, perfect timing. I’d also say (not at all beauty related) a fun cookbook, a scrapbook, framed pictures of bride and her friends…

      Posted 8.4.09
    6. And also because I’m royally cheesy, personalized items never fail to strike a chord. Whether it’s something frames/glasses from a Things Remembered type place or a large framed poster of memories over the years, sometimes it’s fun to just give the bride something that reminds her of her friends and all the great times you’ve spent together. Photo books are another nice choice if you want to add in a bit of feeling (and you can always pair these gifts with more traditional ones). Is it mean that I like to make people cry?

      Posted 8.4.09
    7. Great ideas for brides-to-be! What woman doesn’t love skin care, lip gloss, and nail care items!!! Great prices too!

      Posted 8.4.09
    8. Kay P wrote:

      These are such great tips. I wish I had seen this before last Saturday. Lucky for me this is the first wedding amongst my friends so I will definitely be referring to this in the future.

      Posted 8.5.09
    9. Sameera wrote:

      OMG I have the sexy little things body mist from VC :DDD

      I was like…hmm where have I seen that before. Lol.

      Posted 8.6.09
    10. Jess B. wrote:

      I just bought the bride Philosophy set for my friend and she loved it..great ideas..simple, cheap, and do the job!!

      Posted 8.6.09
    11. Farakh wrote:

      Anything from Sephora is good… 🙂

      Posted 8.7.09

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