Please don’t tell my mom I ate Munchies at 3 am

Munchies on Essex
Munchies on Essex

I don’t know what’s worse: going to a fast food restaurant at 3 am, or going to a fast food restaurant AFTER having a huge meal. I’m embarrassed, but this is what we did.

I’ve passed by Munchies so many times, a whimsical looking joint decorated in bright Crayola colors right around the corner from the Mercury Lounge on Essex St., but never stopped to eat there. Though, the inexpensive comfort food have already lured some of my friends in…plus their meat is halaal apparently?

chicken burger, $6
chicken burger, $6
Crispy Cheeseballs, $2.99
Crispy Cheeseballs, $2.99
veggie quesadilla, $4
veggie quesadilla, $4

I went for the first time last weekend…for $3 crispy cheeseballs, and $5 burgers, it’s not bad at all. I tried to order a burger, but somebody (no names) forgot to put in my request, so I was left with only the cheeseballs. I had a taste of my friends burger, and it was actually not bad. Not for the dieters, though.

Try the chicken burger if you go. Oh, and definitely read the wall of Famous Movie Quotes while you wait. That kept me entertained for a while. (Think fast: Which movie had the line “Here’s looking at you, kid”? Five points if you get it).

Restaurant Info:
179 Essex St
btw Houston & Stanton St
New York 10002



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  1. Casablanca but of course!

    Posted 9.14.09
  2. shyema wrote:

    FIVE POINTS! I didnt know which movie that was from!

    Posted 9.14.09
  3. Erica Sung wrote:

    hahaha omg i love that linee

    Posted 9.15.09
  4. Sarah wrote:

    what;s the point in having a blog if you don’t use it as a public forum to humiliate those who wrong you? i’m all for naming names.

    oh and burgers, yummm

    Posted 9.16.09
  5. Jessica wrote:

    casablanca! and then it was discussed in the holiday!

    Posted 6.9.11
  6. shyema wrote:

    haha you’re good at this 🙂

    Posted 6.9.11

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