Japonois in NYC = amazing.


I haven’t been to many Japanese restaurants, but one that I am already craving to go back to is Japonais. I went for the first time recently, and the food is seriously mouth-watering good.


I’m surprised I’ve never came across it before though, considering it’s a hard-to-miss 10,000 sq ft space designed by Jeffrey Beers International. Dimly lit with adorning tree sculptures throughout, its modern decor is sleek and cozy at the same time.

And figures why I must love it so much though — Japonais is a Chicago transplant in NYC (just like me!). Using French techniques with Japanese flavors, the food ends up being a tasty marriage of both.

I went with my friend Summar who went straight for the sushi, though I probably did an odd thing: I ordered a burger. Even stranger, it was the best burger I’ve had since the one I had at More in Dubai.

Japonais burger with sweet potato fries, $14
Japonais burger with sweet potato fries, $14




A togarashi spiced burger with truffle mayo and blue cheese, it was seasoned so well and just really tasty. Never thought my favorite burger would end up being at a Japanese restaurant. I wished I ordered a lighter side, since the sweet potato fries were heavy — but still delicious with its sweet mayo dipping sauce.

 Japanese Wild Yellowtail Sushi
Japanese Wild Yellowtail Sushi

Summar said her Japanese Wild Yellowtail Sushi ($4 at lunch time!) was fresh and well-prepared. She was already talking about coming back herself!

Love. Going back for sure.

Appetizers are about $4-$24, and entrees will run you about $19- $35. Check out their website for lunch specials and pre-fixe dinners!

Restaurant Info:

111 E 18th St
New York, NY 10003



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  1. Sarah wrote:

    actually, my bro and bhabi have often maintained that this is one of the best burgers around

    Posted 10.27.09
  2. Summar wrote:

    yum. need to go back soon and have that crab burger too…

    Posted 10.27.09
  3. shyema wrote:

    Sarah, me thinks your bro and bhabi have delectable taste.

    Posted 10.27.09
  4. priya wrote:

    don’t care for burgers but this just looks soooo good!

    Posted 10.28.09
  5. Japonais! I’ve done the one in Chicago…love it, and the decor is great. Plus the backside is this huge deck area where you overlook the water and city. Love.

    Posted 11.4.09
  6. Gabby wrote:

    The burger at Japonais was also one of the best burgers I’ve had in my life. Even though it was a bit too spicy for my general taste I couldn’t stop eating it because the combination of flavors were too good to put down.

    Posted 4.13.10
  7. shyema wrote:

    It is an interesting mix of flavors — I went back to to try their desserts. Will have that post up soon! 🙂

    Posted 4.13.10

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