Cupcakes at Billy’s

After our subpar meal at Co., Katie and I walked down a couple blocks to Billy’s for a sugar fix.

I asked for their yellow daisy buttercream cupcake ($2.25), and Katie got a red velvet ($2.75).

On a side note, I’ve recently noticed everything around me seems to be some form of pink (my phone, my camera, my nails, etc.). I didn’t ask for any specific frosting color — even though they have many — and the woman conveniently whips this one out for me:


Baby pink with chocolate sprinkles. Lovely.

I was probably having a bad day with food though because the cupcake was not as soft, and just not as good as the Billy’s cupcakes I’ve had before. I also ordered a latte that ended up being really watered down. Double Fail.


Katie’s red velvet with cream cheese frosting though was extra soft and extra good — which is probably why it’s also an extra $0.50.

The debate on best cupcake place in the city continues. What’s your favorite cupcake place?

Restaurant Info:
Billy’s Bakery

184 9th Ave.
btw 21st and 22nd St.
New York, NY 10003



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  1. Sabeen wrote:

    nooo this makes me sad because Billy’s is by far my favorite.

    Posted 10.28.09
  2. shyema wrote:

    I just had an off day with all things edible. Maybe it was just me. sigh.

    Posted 10.28.09
  3. Sarah wrote:

    billy’s is ok but sugar sweet sunshine is in a league of its own

    Posted 10.29.09
  4. shyema wrote:

    I like the way you think SK.

    Posted 10.29.09
  5. There’s a new cupcake/frozen yogurt place in D.C. called Yocake. I haven’t tried it yet…will give you my verdict soon.

    Posted 11.4.09
  6. Miral took me to Two Little Red Hens this weekend. Loved it.

    Posted 11.10.09

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